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AJ’s Side Panel: X-Box One Vs PS4 E3 My Thoughts



With the announcement of backwards compatibility and game sharing as well as cloud gaming and non-internet connectivity needed, Sony may have seemed like they came out on top. However, X-Box One had a lot more to SHOW of how the system ran without games ie, kinnect and voice commands. With the price of $399, the PS4 is a lot more affordable but until they show what the system can do without games or in compatibility with the PSVita, the extra $100 you spend with X-Box may be worth it especially when you consider you are paying $100 extra to get it a month sooner. Read the rest of this entry »

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Midnight Movie Maniacs Review “Now You See Me” and “After Earth”

Join AJ, Martin, and Richard as they head to San Bernardino for the double feature of Now You See Me and After Earth: RPX.

After_Earth_Poster Now-You-See-Me-Official-Movie-Trailer

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Tom Sparks, Atomic Detective – Comic Collection Vol 1

Our friends over at Tom Sparks Comics have created an iPad app for their comic.  Check out the awesomeness over on their site and on iTunes.

Hello soft human.

‘Tom Sparks, Atomic Detective’ is a pulpy, noir digital graphic novel collection of stories from the webcomic that ran for several years of the same name. Read the rest of this entry »

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Wondercon 2013

So this past weekend was Wondercon.  You are going to see a lot of different reviews and news coming from the show and I thought I would hop on here and tell you what it was like from behind the booth.

First off, I wanted to thank our fans for coming out.  It was so amazing to see what a following we have.

Wondercon saw the release of 2 new books from us.  The Plagued #2 from Daniel Whitfield.  You can now purchase this on our store in booth CBR and PDF format.  It also saw the release of our first anthology book, Forbidden Tales.  We also have this available in our store in both CBR and PDF.  If you enter B1EQ4TOVGMZX into the coupon section you will get $2 off. Read the rest of this entry »

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PS3 News: Official Site for Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut Goes Live

Official Website for Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut Goes Live Read the rest of this entry »

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Get Your Bethesda Gear Today!

Bethesda is excited to announce that the official Bethesda Store is now open! You can check out merchandise featuring our biggest franchises here:

They’ll be adding new items regularly so be sure to check the store and for updates and new offerings.

Also, the new Skyrim-inspired Dragonborn statues are now available for purchase at The Standard Edition ($299.99, limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide) is perfect for any two-handed combat expert. Mages that want to show off their destruction skills will want to check out the Exclusive Edition ($329.99, limited to 500 pieces worldwide), as it adds an alternate arm that holds a fireball spell that illuminates and pulses like real fire. He measures approximately 16 inches tall, including the base – creating an extremely awe-inspiring presence for your collection.


Fallout Skyrim

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The Inland Empire Etc.,

It’s been awhile since I have been on here.  Life has been, shall we say, busy.

Running a company like FP is more than a fulltime job.  It’s an obsession.

7 years ago I realized that while I loved comics, they were getting old.  I was constantly disappointed by regurgitating stories and characters.  I still loved being able to read my favorite titles but thought, how much could these people take and what is it that makes 50 years of a character fighting the same fight over and over again so interesting.  Then I realized, nothing.  It was stale.

It wasn’t until I picked up the book Powers that my mind was reawakened.  Powers was such a breath of fresh air that it made me see that there were other stories out there.  I began to grab more and more indy books and found my love for comics beginning to take hold again.  I thought to myself, why can’t I do this.  I am a decent writer with fairly new ideas, why not just start my own company.  So I did.

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Aurora, CO 7/20/2012 «

An act like this is absolutely appalling.  This individual had somehow in his mind decided that shooting a child point blank in the face was something that needed to be done.

I have no words to describe the emotion I am feeling right now.  As a father that has lost a child I can tell you that this is something that the parents will never recover from.  This is something that the community will never recover from.  All these kids wanted to do is something that I myself do every Thursday, and that’s see the first showing of a movie.

Please click the link below to read the rest.

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AJ’s Side Panel “The Newsroom”. «

Pretty much everyone that knows me knows my views on politics. But for those that don’t, I hate politics, I hate politicians, and I hate any sort of discussion about it. I view politics like I view religion, it’s just another way/reason for people to hate each other. No one is ever right and no one is ever wrong yet somehow they believe that they are right and that any that doesn’t agree with them is wrong. It’s a battle of popularity vs. morality. “Oh you believe in that why? Oh because your party/religion does, great. Do you ever have an idea that your party/religion doesn’t agree with? No, of course not cuz that would spur independent thought!” It’s a moral gray area that endorses a belief system to inspire comfortability and an ability to sleep at night without a dread feeling of guilt.

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Been A Bit Busy

Here you are folks, 10 minutes of me rambling about what FP has been up to.  Please, ignore all the boring parts.

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