Bryan’s Madness

Bryan is a writer, editor, and sometimes artist/graphic designer for Forbidden Panel, as well as a regular host on the some times funny sometimes boring, but always from the heart, Panelcast.  He is also bringing his long-time-in-the-making table top RPG to FP as the Zombie Kill Squad RPG.  He also hates clowns.  Really, really hates them.

Take a look into the mind of a madman.

1. Retro Review – The Dark Knight Returns

2. Retro Review – Watchmen

3. Review: Vatican City Las Vegas

4. Girls Drawing Girls – Meltdown Comics Gallery – Aug ’09

5. Review: Atomic Robo – The Dogs Of War

6. Review: Dungeons and Dragons #0

7. Review: The 99 – Origins

8. Review: Atomic Robo Vol 5 – #1 – Deadly Art Of Science

9. Review: The Traveler #1

10. Starborn and catching up.

11. In Which I Don’t Destroy The World…

12. Where to turn now?

13. Alan Moore disturbs me.

14. Batman vs Jihad?

15. Go Cerebral (Literally) With Gingerbread Girl.

16. OMG! Walking Dead…

17. Can’t Afford Portal 2 Yet?

18. Review: Portal 2

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