Janelle’s Eye View

Janelle is a writer, singer, mother, writer and artist.  She’s a lover of sci-fi, horror, fairies, zombies, Jedi, and religious study.  She’s jumped out of an airplane, chased ghosts through abandoned houses, played LARP’s in the park at 2am and has a soapbox for every topic imaginable.  Having a degree in Psychology while also being a believer in the supernatural, Janelle brings her own version of reality to the table at Forbidden Panel.

Join Janelle and she takes you down a journey of what it’s like to be a chick in a G33k world.

Tales of the The Black Freighter

Caine’s walk is over

Transformers 2- My opinions

ComicCon 2009- Pt 1

The Ultimate of Alliances

My thoughts on Batman: Arkham Asylum

First day of winter’s graces

Intersect me, baby

Oh Captain, My Captain… America?

Will Kick Ass kick your ass? I think it just might…

The Crow- Resurrected. Again?

Back From the Dead!

Zombies Everywhere!!

Being Human- Season Three Finale – Wolf Shaped Bullet

Star Tours 2011 

Story of the week; The Miami Face-Eating Man

You can contact her at Janelle@forbiddenpanel.com.

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