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First it was “Xerxes”. Then it became “300: Battle Of Artemisium”. Now, the “prequel meets side-quel” to the 2007 film adaptation of Frank Miller’s “300” has finally settled on an official and permanent title.

"300" Sequel Gets A New Title

“300: Rise Of An Empire” is the name of the Noam Murro-directed project which stars Eva Green, Sullivan Stapleton, Jack O’Connell and Yigal Naor along with returning champ Rodrigo Santoro. The story is said to explore the rise of Xerxes (Santoro) from a ruler to the chained and gold speedo clad God Emperor we glimpsed in the first film.

Events take place both before and alongside the Battle of Thermopylae, which means we’ll likely glimpse the Battle of Marathon. We’ll also see Xerxes father Darius I who lead the first attempted Persian invasion of Greece a decade before Thermopylae.

We’re also likely to see Eva Green’s Artemisia character in action in naval battles – both the Battle of Artemisium and later the Battle of Salamis. Production is currently underway in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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Turns out it isnt just the human cast of the “Transformers” franchise thats getting refreshed. It looks like the robots are also being replaced by cheaper parts.Optimus Prime Fired From "Transformers 4"

TFW2005 has scored word directly from Hasbro that toy sales from the third film were down because of same characters in all three movies.

As a result, “Transformers 4 will have a new cast of [robot] characters and it will be a story revolving around these new characters.

“Ehren Kruger “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” is writing the script for the Michael Bay-directed fourth film which hits cinemas June 27th, 2014.

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Wearing our obsessions on our sleeves has become pretty commonplace here in the good ol’ US of A in the last few years. As I’ve discussed in a couple previous articles geek wear has gone from a graphic T-shirt and jeans into the hallowed halls of high fashion, but the youth of Japan have been taking it to the street.

The streets around Harajuku Station in Tokyo to be exact. On Sundays the streets, shops, and pedestrian bridge are filled with young people out mingling to see and be seen in the latest fashion in styles that range from Gothic Lolita to cosplay and punk. Considered a street fashion capitol of the world this phenomenon has its roots in the end of WWII when a then occupying US soldiers and government civilians and their families lived in housing close by called Washington Heights. Young people began to flock to the district to indulge their curiosity in the vastly different American culture.

Much as our styles have gone from saddle shoes and pompadours Harajuku style has evolved as the district filled with designers, models, and photographers. Now the streets are lined with shops that cater to independent youth oriented designers and labels as well as the big names like Louis Vitton, Prada, and Chanel. The trend hasn’t stayed in Japan either.

With a slew of Harajuku magazines both in Japan and international like Fruits and Tune the phenomenon has hit our shores. Music Artist Gwen Stefani has brought the Harajuku style to department stores and Targets across the country with her Harajuku Girls and Harajuku Mini lines as well as her fragrances and two solo albums dedicated to Harajuku.

Here’s a breakdown of the main styles that have come out of the Harajuku scene. You might just recognize some of it.

Visual Kei-

Visual Kei is most common among Japanese rock groups and involves elaborate outfits (Lady Gaga anyone?). This style mixes

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This episode comes to you live from the release of Raiders of the Lost Ark on Imax.


In this episode we catch up on this weeks news and well as discuss Batman Live!

We also announce James Kompare as the winner of the SDCC schwag bag!!!

All of this plus our opinion of Raiders of the Lost Ark on Imax!

This week is the 20th anniversary of the premiere of Batman: The Animated Series. In its weird way, the show actually had three ‘premieres’. The first episode, “The Cat and the Claw part I”, debuted on Saturday morning, September 5th, as a quasi-sneak preview of sorts. The next day saw the official premiere, in primetime no less (Sunday night at 7pm) where Fox debuted the official pilot episode, “On Leather Wings”. Then came the first official weekday episode, Monday afternoon at 4:30pm, which was no less than “Heart of Ice”, which to this day stands as not only one of the best episodes of the series run, but a shining testament to all that Batman: The Animated Series did right both in terms of the Batman mythos and the entire medium of childrens’ action shows. This is one of an ongoing series of essays detailing the long-term legacy of the Bruce Timm and Eric Radomski’s groundbreaking animated saga. Today, for the final essay of this series, I will examine the one defining feature that makes it stand out above all those that came before or since.  

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via Mendelson’s Memos: Celebrating Batman: The Animated Series 20 years later: The reason Batman: TAS still stands apart….

There’s a crazy new rumor gaining steam online that Doctor Strange will actually be introduced in Thor: The Dark World. The source of the rumor appears to be a twitter account which has been posting a number of spoilers about upcoming Marvel Studios movies.

While there are a lot of twitter accounts out there that post Marvel Studios spoilers, this particular twitter account has the distinction of announcing that the Falcon would be in Captain America: The Winter Soldier before anyone else. While much of the scoop posted by this twitter account has not been proven or unproven, we can also add that some of the Iron Man 3 details posted match up with things we have also heard from sources close to production.

Even though this should definitely be classified as rumor given the source is a tweet, Doctor Strange showing up in Thor: The Dark World would sort of make sense. Doctor Strange is one of a handful of characters that Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige has specifically mentioned adapting to the big screen. Even Stan Lee recently mentioned that Marvel was considering their options with a Dr. Strange movie. If you look at all the upcoming Marvel Studios movies, Thor: The Dark World is really the only one that would fit with introducing Doctor Strange.

Screenrant has also pointed out that The Playlist also mentioned a rumor awhile back that Dr. Stephen Strange would be a part of the Thor sequel. In fact, Screenrant also connects the dots between another post made by the same twitter account, which says, “Marvel is negotiations with Viggo Mortensen for an unspecified role in one of their Phase 2 films.” Vigo Mortensen would certainly make for a compelling choice to play Doctor Strange.

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In July, The Walking Dead #100 sold more than 385,000 copies, making it the top-selling single-issue comic book of the last fifteen or so years. And while Marvel Comics readies an army of variant covers on their Marvel NOW! relaunch titles in a hope to unseat the cult-favorite title from the “best of the century” title they’re so proud of, sales came back from Diamond Comics Distributors today to suggest that The Walking Dead #101, the follow-up to the centennial issue’s status quo-shattering events, sold…

…well, we don’t really know yet. Diamond has only released the top ten books so far for the month of August, along with a lot of things like market share data that not a lot of people outside comics industry management really care about. And in that top ten? All DC and Marvel, with no sign of The Walking Dead anywhere.

The Walking Dead‘s first two trade paperbacks, Days Gone Bye and Miles Behind Us, do appear on the top ten graphic novels chart, with the first volume coming in at #2 (just behind Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s Batman: Earth One) and the second volume taking the ninth spot (just above the collection of Marvel’s Fear Itself event).

Avengers vs. X-Men #9 and #10 took the top two spots on the charts, followed by Batman #12, Justice League #12 and The Amazing Spider-Man #692 (the much-hyped fiftieth anniversary issue) to round out the top five. The next five were the first issue of Before Watchmen: Rorschach, AvX: VS #5, Before Watchmen: Doctor Manhattan #1, Green Lantern #12 and Detective Comics #12.

Reorders on Justice League #12 have been huge, and it may turn out to be the best-selling single issue of the lot in the long run once second prints and the like are considered, but since comics are ordered months in advance and DC didn’t tease the Superman-Wonder Woman hookup until the week before the book was to be released, most retailers sold out and are waiting on more.

Prior to the multi-cover, multimedia extravaganza that was The Walking Dead #100, the title had been steadily climbing up the sales chart, recently becoming a regular fixture in the top 40 and occasionally breaking into the top ten. Whether its postition will be improved long-term by the success of the hundredth issue or whether things return to normal will likely tell us whether they actually brought any new readers in with their release parties and other gimmicks or whether it just sold so well because of a bunch of collectors trying to get all the covers.

And if it’s the latter, expect more of the same from Marvel and DC. So let’s hope for a great showing from The Walking Dead #101.

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Amidst the many news stories and announcements made at this year’s Comic-Con International in San Diego, one book announced by First Second Books involves some comics veterans working on a very different project. Written by Joseph Illidge and Shawn Martinbrough and illustrated by Grey Williamson, “The Ren” is a story set during the Harlem Renaissance and involves a love story between two young artists, a brewing gang war and attempts to capture the spirit of that revolutionary time and place.

Martinbrough and Illidge first met at DC when Illidge was an editor and Martinbrough was the artist on “Detective Comics.” The two went on to form Verge Entertainment and have been working on a variety of projects since. For “The Ren,” the duo has tapped artist Grey Williamson, who comics fans may know from the recent adaptation of the classic film “The Warriors” from Dynamite.

CBR News spoke with the creative team about the upcoming graphic novel, the concept behind the plot, the type of research done and the importance of the Harlem Renaissance as a period in American history.

Click below to read the interview.

via Martinbrough, Illidge and Williamson Bring “The Ren” to Life – Comic Book Resources.

After 141 years, Hutchinson, Kansas, is ready for a big change — or at least three of its residents are.

Comics fans Ben Eisiminger, KC McNeely and Christopher Wietrick believe their city has so much in common with Smallville, the fictional hometown of Clark Kent, that Hutchinson should change its name.

“There is a Metropolis [in Illinois],” Wietrick tells KWCH TV, “why isn’t there a Smallville?”

To that end, the aspiring comic artist and his two friends have launched a Facebook page called simply, Hutchinson, KS Should Be Named “Smallville.” “Our hometown has several tourist attractions already,” the page states. “We would love to see that increase by a great amount and we strongly believe that should this happen it would be a huge economic boost to the city, county and area.” Since its July 15 debut, the page has garnered 1,241 “Likes” — not bad for a city of 42,080 people a figure that may or may not include a stray Kryptonian or two.

So what makes Salt City the ideal candidate to become Smallville? Aside from its central Kansas location, Wietrick argues the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center is the perfect place to store the rocket that brought the infant Kal-El to Earth, and that the Kansas Underground Museum is important “because we have a mineral underground, just like Smallville — thankfully it’s not kryptonite, it’s salt.” As a bonus, the museum already has an exhibit showcasing a Superman costume and other Hollywood memorabilia a secured section of the same mine is devoted to Underground Vaults & Storage, a temperature- and humidity-controlled facility used to house motion picture negatives, television show masters, costumes, medical records and the like.

“Our ultimate goal is for Warner Bros. and DC Comics to recognize Hutchinson as Smallville, Kanas,” Wietrick says. “It could be a huge boost to the town.”

Smallville, which made its comic-book debut in 1949, was given a vague and often changing geographical location until 1986, when it was firmly established in Kansas.

via Superman fans campaign for Kansas city to be renamed Smallville | Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources – Covering Comic Book News and Entertainment.

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