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I haven’t ventured into this kind of thing before, but after my latest acquisition, I decided that I needed to attempt it to share my thoughts and impressions of it with you. I recently got my statue of Deathstroke from Batman: Arkham Origins produced by Sideshow Collectibles and Prime 1 Studio.

I pre-ordered the piece last year when it was first advertised, despite all of my attempts to talk myself out of it (thanks Richard), and made monthly payments until it was ready for shipping. In all honesty, after the first couple of months of payments, I completely forgot about it until I got the email from Sideshow saying that the last payment was coming up to coincide with the shipping date. It is interesting that a statue running $929.99 before taxes and shipping and everything can become something you forget that you have paid for until it arrives, but that was the reality of having pre-ordered and signed up for a lengthy monthly payment plan.

As far as the statue itself, I am overjoyed with it. The level of detail on found throughout each of the pieces is simply stunning. There are the overarching things like getting the look of the costume, mask, and face right, but I would expect nothing less from a collectible statue. The surprise, for me, comes from all of the small details. Each of the pouches on the tactical belt are detailed to such a degree that you would expect the clips to be able to open and to look inside of them. The finer details of all of the weapons and accoutrements all over his body make each piece look like nothing less than a scaled down version of the real thing. And when I say scaled down, I don’t mean by all that much. The overall size of the statue is approximately 30”.

As far as my overall impressions go, I couldn’t be more pleased with this purchase. I have yet to find a permanent home for it, given the size and my lack of planning, but I crack a smile every time I walk by it. And the fun really doesn’t end for quite some time. The statue came with several interchangeable pieces so that the look can be changed at a whim. His right arm can be empty handed, holding his ballistic staff, or toting his assault rifle. His left hand can be wielding his ninjato, empty handed, or, in the case of my version, clutching a battered and damaged Caped Crusader cowl. It even came with a couple of interchangeable heads so that I can decide if I want to gaze upon the weathered and battle hardened face of Slade Wilson or simply stare into the unfeeling mask of Deathstroke, the Terminator. Striking a fearless pose atop a buttress adorned by the Grim Reaper, this piece will please me each time I see it for years to come.

maxresdefaultThere has been hype building around this one since it was initially previewed in 2013. The

hype train of the gaming world is one of those things that is an animal unto itself, and the

fervor that has built and built over the past couple of years is one of those things that took

on a momentum all its own. Whenever that happens, the entire situation around the web

becomes heavily polarized. Now, rather than diving into that debate and taking sides with

one group or the other in the ongoing flame war, I want to take a step back and have a

good long look at what indie developed Hello Games has provided the gaming community

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DARKSOUL_facebook_miniAs I have shown before, I am a fan of the work of FromSoftware. I wrote up the last entry of theirs a little while back, and now that the final installment of the Dark Souls series has been loosed into the wild, I figured I would take a short break from my time engrossed in it to give you all a little review. The Dark Souls series first hit systems back in 2011, and there have been a number of challenging and entertaining entries since then. Rather than run through the history of things, let’s look at the latest and final entry.

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DC has done a solid job over the last few years with their direct to video animated features. Granted, there have been exceptions here and there and the stories just don’t work now and again, but Justice League vs. Teen Titans isn’t one of the exceptions. I know that others may disagree, but from my standpoint, it accomplished everything that it should.

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wp-1457799179227.jpgGrimgar of Fantasy and Ash is the latest in the recent crop of anime that address based in virtual worlds. In the last year or two, basically since the explosion of support that was Sword Art Online, we have been treated, or subjected, to at least one anime every season that drops the protagonists into a virtual world. The ways that they get there change, whether or not they are stuck there changes, the penalty for dying changes, but the setting remains consistently similar. The question then becomes, how do we determine whether or not the series is good and worth our time. In my opinion, it comes down to the nuances of character and storytelling.

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The final novel in the Reckoners series brings us into a time of chaos and conflict for our primary protagonist. Despite being the man who kills Epics, David Charleston is in a position that he never planned for and never prepared for. He has set himself his biggest target yet, fallen in love with an Epic, and lost his hero/mentor/father figure to the Epic power that he kept rigorously under control until David came along. Needless to say, aiming to bring down not just a superhuman, but the next closest thing to a god in the world that David inhabits qualifies as an appropriate task to wrap things up.

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61T9cyxvbNL._SL300_“My name is David Charleston. I kill people with superpowers.”

     When a book opens in that fashion, you have to expect greatness to follow. Firefight is the second book in Brandon Sanderson’s series the Reckoners. This novel continues in following the life of David Charleston, resident of Newcago, youngest member of the Reckoners, and the man who killed Steelheart.

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     Have you ever wondered what the world would be if the average, every-day Joe woke up with superpowers? Sure, as a comic book fan, we’ve all thought about what superpowers we would like to have and what we would do with them, but what happens when the people that wake up with powers aren’t predisposed to being heroes? What happens when every last person that develops powers doesn’t just set out to make their own lives better, but sets out to build their own little kingdoms in their favorite corners of the world? What exactly is the fallout from a world full of villains without any heroes around to mitigate the damage?

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25220100 pushups, 100 situps, 100 squats, and a 10km run every day! Three years of this and you too can be the strongest hero on the face of the earth, at least according to Saitama, though you may also lose all of your hair.

     If you have been traveling in anime circles any time in the past few months, then you have most certainly come across the bevy of opinions related to One-Punch Man. Rather than delving into those, let’s take a look at exactly what this particular anime has to offer. One-Punch Man follows the story of Saitama, a remarkably average Joe in nearly every possible aspect. At least, that is where he started out. Saitama determines that he wants to become a superhero, after his first act to defend someone else, and sets himself on the path to becoming as powerful as he possibly can to that end. As a result, three years after he began his training, he has become so powerful that each and every enemy he faces is defeated… with one punch.

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Mark your calendars and get your projects ready everyone! Join Us This Coming Saturday, January 30th!

Everyone always says that they don’t have enough time. Or that it is hard to set aside time to create, write, or draw. Well, we are giving you that time. You don’t have to stay all 24 hrs. Hell you don’t even have to come. But if you are tired of trying to find the time to do the things you want to do then come on down and use this as an excuse.

We have created these days because we love to be around creativity. During our 24hr days it has become apparent that artists and writers and creators feed off of each other. It has also been a great opportunity to get help with anything that you have been stuck on or just getting others opinions. It’s a fantastic environment to just create.
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