The long-awaited sequel to one of the best games of 2007 is now in my hands (not physically, I got it through Steam). Portal 2 is one of those few gems that stands up to the hype it generated. It takes everything that worked with the first game and adds more.

Portal 2 sees Chell (the protagonist from the first game) return to the Aperture Science laboratory after a seemingly considerable amount of time has passed (Check out Portal 2: Lab Rat comic to get filled in on the details if you have not already). The lab, now falling to ruin, forces players to once again think outside the box to navigate a treacherous landscape. The narrative reveals much more about history of Aperture Science, explaining some of the mystery of the original game while also offering a few tantalizing clues about its connection to the immensely popular Half Life series of games.

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Sorry, I don’t have any special deals here, or I would be among the Missing right now, making my way through space bending puzzles. What I do have for you is a little something to curb your Portal cravings until you can get your hands on a copy.

That something is a webcomic called Portal 2: Lab Rat. For anyone interested in learning more of the lore behind GLaDOS and Aperture Science, this comic helps to fill in a few gaps in the story from the original game. And there were a lot of gaps. One of the reasons Portal was so successful beyond the superb game play is the compelling story and mysterious secrets that blend into not only the Half Life franchise, but real life as well, as witnessed by in game clues that players could decode and then pursue in a still ongoing ARG (Alternate Reality Game).

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Jerry Lawson, who developed the revolutionary gaming technology on the 1970’s, passed away on Saturday, 09 April 2011.

Before Lawson developed his programmable cartridges for the Channel F system in 1976, the available game systems were limited to whatever games that had been pre-built into the console. The ability to have a separate cartridge that contained the code for the games helped to change the way gaming technology could develop, and opened the doors for early giants such as the Atari 2600 a year later.

Although Lawson remained relatively obscure, despite his work, he was formally recognized last month by the International Game Developers Association for all of his contributions to the industry. These include a number of games and software he developed, both for Fairchild Semiconductor and later for Atari, through his company called Videosoft.

Source & Mercury News

Marvel has announced that starting in July, Rogers will return to his old costume and pick up the mantle as Captain America once more with the launch of Captain America #1. With the impending release of the live action movie featuring Cap, Marvel seems to be looking to give readers new and old a familiar character to read about as the current Captain America is his former sidekick Bucky.

The new Captain America series is to be written by Ed Brubaker and drawn by Steve McNiven. The current Captain America storyline is to be re-branded as Captain America & Bucky, starting with issue #620, also in July. It will be written by Brubaker and Marc Andreyko with artwork by Chris Samnee.


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I think I have made it pretty clear that I enjoy comics that fall, shall we say, outside the norm. Something other than Superheroes I mean. I like Supes fine, it’s just that I like diversity in any medium. Too often it seems that comic media is full to choking with be-latexed (I just invented that) individuals that are as gods. Sometimes I am not in the mood for it. Often I want stories about people.

Thankfully there are comic creators like Paul Tobin and Coleen Coover. I got a little sneak peak at their upcoming graphic novel Gingerbread Girl and was quite impressed. Tobin tells the story of a 26 year old Annah who has an, interesting, idea about her life. She believes that her sister Ginger was created by her mad genius of a father by removing the part of her brain known as Penfield’s Homonculous. The interesting tale is told through a series of fourth-wall breaking narrators that includes Annah herself as well as other characters that cross paths with Annah through the course of the story…..

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Go Cerebral (Literally) With Gingerbread Girl «.

A while back on the Panelcast I mentioned the budding controversy of a white power group that was upset about the inclusion of Nightrunner in the line up of the Batman Inc french chapter. I figured it would die down and be pretty much only be a blip on the radar of geeky comic news sites. Much was my surprise when I saw similar Nightrunner controversy get a segment on last night’s airing of The Daily Show. The segment didn’t deal with the opinions of the Council of Conservative Citizens (which totally sounds like a super villain group BTW) but the opinions of just one guy, illustrator Bosch Fawstin, who, like the CCC is concerned that this young, Muslim, FICTIONAL character is somehow a secret terrorist.

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Wherein the awesome Melly returns and we discover the link between hockey and comics… what?

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