Justin Sweet shares his design process for the aliens from The Avengers.

The Avengers, Part 1

-By Justin Sweet

I’m proud to say I worked on Marvel’s THE AVENGERS, directed by Joss Whedon. My task on this film was to develop the Aliens that the Avengers fight. It was a collaborative effort, and I worked along some very talented fellows.

Here are some of the aliens that I did ending with the last one that got the nod for the final. Fun trying to figure these guys out.

Looking forward to getting out to Spectrum Live this weekend. I’ll have a booth there shared with Vance Kovacs and Marshall Vandruff.

First day on the job.
Trying to get some Kirby in there…
Production designer wanted us to cover their faces…familiar?
Trying out some chariot ideas..

Ages ago, parties of brave – or stupid – explorers stepped through a magical rift to explore an untapped source of magic. What they found was a ravaged world, a destroyed landscape populated by drooling, bloodthirsty monsters. The magic wielders of the land formed the Order to protect their realm from invading beasts. But how long can the order hold back the merciless orc mob?

Released by Robot Entertainment
Written by David Leary and Justin Korthof
Art and Cover by Bart Tiongson, Colors by Aron Lus

Download the free comic book pdf here

Mongoose Publishing have offered a free mini-comic to accompany their upcoming board game Dark Eon AssassinLink to the PDF.


This was probably the first comic book I ever bought. Sadly, I lost that book years ago but now someday soon (hopefully) I can pick up a new copy. Artist/writer John Mueller is giving his original work an overhaul of the author’s cut.

You can follow his process here, and on his blog

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