How jealous do you think Ms. Pacman will be when she sees Pacman all over a bunch of beautiful ladies at the pool? Blame Black Milk Clothing for the drama sure to come!

The undead are on a roll!

WUMPSKATE is back from dead and invites everyone to exhume their most zombilicious attire and prepare themselves for a night of the (un)living. INDUSTRIAL • EBM • SYNTHPOP • DARKWAVE • INDIE • SYNTH • GOTH • 80s & 90s and ALTERNATIVE as spun by resident DJ XIAN!!!!

I’ll be getting good and bloody for Zombie Skate. Hope to see you there!


As you may have heard, there has been a recent outbreak of the “Undead Feline Virus” or UFV, for short. As of yet, there is no cure forUFV. Therefore, we ask the people be extremely cautious. If you see a cat, please assess the situation thoroughly before interacting with it. Look for the following traits:

  • Darting eyes
  • Long periods of little to no movement
  • Low, guttural noises
  • Destructive tendencies, such as knocking things over or scratching furniture
  • Seemingly supernatural hearing abilities when it comes to bags of cat food being opened

If you notice one or all of these traits, be warned: you are definitely dealing with a cat. How do you tell if it’s a cat infected with UFV? How the heck should we know? We’re staying away from the whole friggin’ species. Do you think we want to risk our lives? C’mon! We’re not stupid!

shirt.woot! :: Hang In There

Check out this bloody bedding set from textile designer Melissa Christie.

If you want to get your hands on a set before the zombie apocalypse hits they’re available for purchase at her Etsy shop… when they aren’t sold out.

Check out these scents from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab based on Joseph Michael Linsner‘s Dawn comic book series!

Tea roses, honeysuckle, heliotrope, olive blossom, milk, and honey.

Red roses, saffron, honey, and frankincense.

Damascus rose, jasmine, myrrh, opoponax, white sage, and patchouli.

Terebinth pine, basil, green sandalwood, fig leaf, armoise, lemon balm, cypress, myrrh, black cedar, and juniper.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab :: The Dawn Collection

This awesome series of scents is based on the characters, locations, themes, and concepts in the world of Eisner-award winning Mike Mignola’s Hellboy.

Aftershave, candy wrappers, brimstone, and cat.

A classic men’s cologne mixed with the scent of old, yellowed books, a splash of bay rum, and summoning incense.

A soft aquatic musk with kelp and juniper.

A light, feminine vanilla floral perfume and a swirl of smoke and leather.

Rubbery, wet, and warty.

Shining black leather, gleaming metal, labdanum, and myrrh.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab :: The Hellboy Collection

This shirt tells the world: “The meal has changed. Pray it doesn’t change any further.”

shirt.woot! :: Family Breakfast

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