Will Crays

What I Read in May ‘17

So this month contains massive spoilers if you haven’t read the books I’m talking about.  Go do so, or don’t. But I truly recommend you do.  Continue reading

What I read in April….

This is your obligatory spoiler alert. So… yeah… I’ll be talking about some books and possibly giving away plot details. You have been warned. Continue reading

What I Read… March ’17 Edition. 

Okay. I admit. This was a bit of a long one. I had to make up for my dismal offerings last month. (see here.) Continue reading

What I’ve Read: February

So January-February has been a very busy, happy and expensive time for me comic book wise. Between Humble Bundle offering a nice big bundle of electronic comics for Image’s 25th anniversary and the bookstore I work at offering a buy 2 and get the 3rd free deal on Image graphic novels, I’ve got enough comics to last me for quite some time. Seriously I might have a problem. Continue reading

Hello, it’s me again. and today we’re going to talk about everything I read during January. (Well the graphic novels at least.) Actually I’m going to talk about them and you can choose to read or not, entirely up to you.

Oh since I’m reviewing multiple titles at the moment doesn’t mean you’re entitled to multiple spoiler alerts. This is your one and only spoiler alert. Consider yourself warned that the following reviews may or may not contain spoilers. Continue reading

Hello, I’m Will. I’m new here. Today I will be talking about one of my favorite comic books, Spirits of Vengeance #13. Not because it’s exceptionally good or popular, but because it left an impression on little 11 year old me. So considering it is one of a handful of issues I’ve kept from back then I think it’s pretty freaking awesome. I won’t be talking about the writer (Howard Mackie) or the artist (Adam Kubert). Not because they aren’t important (they’re both superbly talented individuals), but because I want to focus on this specific issue and my recollection of being the 11 year old boy that read it for the first time. Continue reading

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