Before I start let me give you the Wiki on this series.

“21 Down is a comic book published by Wildstorm, and created by writers Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti and artist Jesus Saiz.”

21 Down is a story about a guy names Preston Kills.  Preston has the ability to touch a dead person and see through there eye the moments before, during and after their death.  His brother, who is a detective, often calls Preston up to help with his cases.  Eventually Preston gets tired of all this and decides to stop helping his brother.  And that’s where the shit goes downhill.

This story was written really well.  Each issue was almost like an episode from a TV show.  Actually, it would have made and excellent series as each issue plays out like a supernatural Law and Order.

The art on this series was also top notch.  It was a Wildstorm series and the art from them is always exceptional.

My only problem with this series was the ending.  The writers and producers wrote it out like a TV season with 12 episodes each.  Their plan was to let “season 1” end with a lot of unfinished business, only to come back in “season 2” and open up the story even more.  Unfortunately that was in 2002 and nothing has been seen or heard from since.  The series ended with such an huge opening that it left me longing for more, only to be turned away empty handed.

I would recommend this, if only for the story and writing that took place prior to Issue 12.  If you can handle not knowing what happens to all the characters, then please pick it up.


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