Well here we are and another week has past.  Not to busy of a week but I have been getting a lot of behind the scenes stuff done.  This update will be kind of light because I plan on updating like crazy on Saturday ala 24 Hour Comics Day.

What is 24 Hour Comics Day you ask?  Well please allow me to fill you up…I mean in.  Heh.  24 Hour Comics Day is, well, here is the Wiki:

A 24-hour comic is a 24-page comic book written, drawn, and completed in 24 hours. Scott McCloud originally came up with the challenge for himself and Steve Bissette as a creative exercise. McCloud drew the first 24-hour comic to prove it could be done on August 31, 1990, and Bissette did his on September 5.

On this day, comics creators around the world were invited to spend the day making a 24-hour comic. All participants were requested to send their completed comic to McCloud, who keeps an archive of all completed 24-hour comics on his webpage. Many comic book stores supported this event by setting up space for participating artists to work on their comic. It attracted many writers and artists, working both in print and web media.

On this year the event falls on Oct 3rd.  Justin White and I will be joining other comic creators from around the world and challenging ourselves to spend 24 writing and drawing a complete comic book.  It’s going to be an awesome time and we invite people to come by and say hi and show your support.  There is still plenty of room for those of you who want to sign up.  The event we will be at will be located at our favorite comic store 4 Color Fantasies in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

We (Forbidden Panel) will be doing interviews and taking pics and stuff to post on the site as well as posting the finished product here as a free digital download.  It will eventually be incorporated into the ZKS storyline.  I am pretty amped to do this as it will be our first completed project.  Hehe.

As I am writing this I am editing the PanelCast so if you hear and misques there or see me mistype here then you know why.

I had a chance to watch The Super Hero Squad, which is Marvels newest animated cartoon to appear on Cartoon Network.  This show sucks.  It was kinda cool to see almost all of the characters from the Marvel universe show up on screen again.  Yet, this show was obviously designed and aimed at ADD and ADHD kids as it was all over the place.  It was exhausting to watch this show.  I couldn’t handle it and had to shut it off.  Blah.

I also went and watched The Surrogates.  It was…ok I guess.  I mean they changed a lot from the comic, which was to be expected.  But, I think they changed to much.  I won’t give away any spoilers but this movie as well as others as of late has made me change my mind about reading the comic before seeing the movie.  Now I am of the opinion that you should see the movie the read the comic afterward just so you can enjoy the movie and then enjoy the comic more after.

Well that’s really all I got for this week.  Remember on Saturday to find your nearest 24 hour comics location and go out and support them!

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