So I thought I would write out a brief prologue to introduce you readers to my style.

I want you all to understand that I read a lot of comics and watch a lot of movies.  And if I continue to read them/watch them then I love them.  So you may see me saying how much “I loved this comic/movie” in all of the reviews I write.  Well that’s because I love them all.  So get over it lol.  That is not to say I love every comic I read or movie I watch.  But if I am writing about it then I loved it.

Of course there may be the occasional comic/movie of which I absolutely hated.

In that case I may just write: Stay the fuck away from this!!

Yeah I said fuck.  I curse.  I know it is not all that professional.  I understand that.  But I can’t help the emotion that some of these comics or movies bring out of me.

My words may not be for the faint of heart.  So beware.  I am fairly crude and rude.  I make no apologies and I will tell no lies.

Having said that let me allow you a short background on myself.

I love anything that displays obvious talent and is able to occupy my mind in a good way.

What do I mean when I say that?  Let me give you an example.

I loved the movie Cloverfield.  I know a lot of people out there that would disagree with me.  And thus, it would drive us into conversation.  See to me that makes a good movie.  If a movie allows people to discuss it afterwards then it has done its job.

Also, I have the power to understand what I am looking for in a movie and go in expecting that.

For example:  Transformers.  If anyone walked into that movie expecting Oscar winning performances then you are an idiot.  I walked in that theater to see Big Ass Robots blowing some shit up.  And thus I was not disappointed.

I feel if people had this sort of viewpoint when they walked into movies then they too would not be disappointed.

Don’t get me wrong, you can still bitch about how shitty all other aspects of the movie were, but you can’t complain that you did not get Big Ass Robots blowing shit up.

I also have 2 theories on movies.

The first is if there is a movie, any movie, where the actors look like shit, then it’s going to be a good movie.

For example: Copland and The Perfect Storm.  These were movies with big name pretty boy actors that went out of their way to look like shit.  This means the actors didn’t care how they looked; they just wanted you to focus on the story that they told.  That is a good movie.  Another example would be The Machinist.  Awesome movie and Christian Bale looked like stir fried shit found a crack pipe and had a baby.

Now that made for a good movie.

The other theory I had is this, there are always 2 movies and a TV show a year that will be about the same subject.

For example:  Babe, Gordy and that TV Show that was out about a talking pig.  Also, Deep Impact, Armageddon, and Meteor are all movies about a meteor making its way to Earth to wipe us all out.

Studios do this because they want to make the same kind of money other studios make.  And don’t worry I will point these out to you in my reviews.

Lastly, I will always do my best to write reviews that do not give away anything about the comic or movie.  What I mean is I won’t kill it for you.  I will just give you a brief overview of what to expect when reading or watching it.  However, having said that, neither I nor Forbidden Panel are responsible for any or all comments that are provided in response to the review whether it gives anything away or not.

Once the review is posted, readers have free reign to respond in any way or fashion to include spoilers and ending.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.  I hope you will enjoy my reviews.  And if not then please feel free to reply.  So I can talk shit about you.


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