Dear Tom Hanks,

Fuck You.

Please understand that I mean this as the most sincerest form of flattery humanly possible.  And if you believe that, keep reading.

Band of Brothers still remains, in my opinion, one of the best TV Mini-Series ever made.  It’s storyline, cinematography, settings, and deep characterizations remain one of the most spectacular forms of film making ever.  The way you took what was essentially a group of under appreciated and little know cast members and placed them in a heart wrenching story and made us fall in love with them is without equal.  Yes I know you were just the executive producer and as such did not cast, write, or create the story, you still chose to back it up with your drive and desire and bring it to light.  Kudos to you sir.

I have followed your career since Bosom Buddies and Bachelor Party and have marveled and the growth and maturity to which your career has reached.  You went from a funny, comedic player to one of the biggest heavy hitters in Hollywood.  You have chosen to rise from your smalled status and use your abilities to bring amazing and high quality films to screen and I applaud you for that.

Now having said that, I have grown to learn that when it come to War Films to expect a higher caliber of film making from you. I know when I sit down that I need to turn down the lights, grab a box of tissue, crank up the surround sound, and absorb every minute of cinema coming out.

On March 14th I sat down and watched The Pacific, your newest executively produced series.  Having previously experienced Band Of Brothers, I was fully aware of what I was getting into.  And sure enough, the show did not disappoint.  You were able to use the same feel as Band Of Brothers and put forth something that I know will tug on the same heartstrings and you have done before.

And for that, for the plain and simple fact that you make me feel emotion in a show.  That I must once again invest myself into another of your War Time shows has me coming back to my originial statement.  Fuck You.  And thank you at the same time.

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