So yeah, it’s been awhile since I posted in here and for that I apologize.  I plan to write in here at least once a week if, for anything, at least to use as a blog/column.  Not that I am conceited enough to think that my life is that interesting or that anyone really cares that much, but to at least keep some activity in this section.

To hear my reviews on stuff then you should really tune in to our PanelCasts.  Bryan and I do our best to keep the show interesting and do so on a weekly basis.  I may touch base on those things here but for the most part you should truly tune in there.

So, onward and forward and stuff.

I just spent the past 2 days reading Invincible and let me tell you, holy fuck is this a kickass series.  Not to be confused with the other kick ass series, simply titled, Kick-Ass.  Heh.  If you haven’t had a chance to pick up this series, now if the best time.  It’s written by Robert Kirkman who is also the writer of my one my favorite ongoing comicsThe Walking Dead.  The man can write.  I have to give it to him for that.  So yeah pick up both series and read.  Now!!!

I, also, spent the past few days at a few local coffee shops.  I like to go to these places to read because it feels like that what I am there to do.  If I try to sit at home to read I just get to distracted and never actually end up doing any reading.  Now, I am not a fan of Starbucks so don’t try to picture me there.  I like to visit other locally owned shops.  One of my favorites being Grounds For Enjoyment.  Recently they started closing at 2 pm and for those of us that work during the day it means visiting this place is limited to weekends.  I started going to Jazz N Java in Riverside.  This place has, hands down, the most comfortable seats of any coffee shop I have ever been to.  I easily lose myself there for at least 6-8 hours at a time.  And I am not the only one.  I notice that people that are there before me leave around the time I do.  And the coffee isn’t bad either.  But having ventured to these places I have come to realize that they are all missing one thing.  Decent snack/finger foods.  Man just think how perfect the coffee shop of your choice would be if they served French Fries.  I mean I would chow down on a bag of Fries and some decent reading.  Sure salads and sandwiches and panini’s are great, but a big bag of fries would last me all day there.  Just a thought.

Things are going well for ZKS.  The #0 issue cover has been finalized and ready. Here it is:

We are going to send it to the printers and get them made into posters.  If you would like one the speak up or shoot me an EMAIL with your address and I will get one out to you.  You can also track us down at Comic Con and get one there.  We will leave a stack on the freebies table and maybe leave some at the High Tower booth if they let us.  We will also have free copies of the #0 issue with us.  So help yourselves to those as well.

4th of July is coming up.  Looking forward to having fun there.  Please leave a comment here and tell us what your plans for the holiday are.  I personally will be hanging out with our artist, Justin White, and helping him break in his new house (yeah I know his site isn’t done yet, I’m working on it dammit!!!!).

Bryan and I have Twitter accounts.  Feel free to add us.  Mine and Bryan’s.  Feel free to add me on Facebook as well, though everything I Twitter gets sent to Facebook.

I was bummed today to find out my best friend and Co-Creator of Forbidden Panel Ryanwon’t be able to make it to Con this year.  With him being in Wisconsin, Comic Con is the one time a year we get to hang out.  And we have a blast.  He will be missed.  If/when you are out there, try to take as many pics as you can and post them on the site.  Help him live vicariously through your photos.  He would love it.  Maybe we could all raise enough money to fly him out here, but we only have 3 weeks to make that happen.

Looks like we will all be split apart as far as housing goes this con.  If you want to donate $700 to us so we could all be in one place that would rock.  Or you could just send us $700 so we can party like rock gods.  That would be cool too hehe.

FP will have a big turn out.  We will be taking the floor by storm.  Working on getting some shirts made so we will be easily identifiable.  We are alway up for meeting up with our friends and fans, so please email us or twitter us and we will meet.  Bryan is twice as socially awkward in person.  If you are going speak up here as we are interested in knowing.  I believe with the exception of Ryan we should be there in full force.  The crew here seems to be growing every time I turn around and am glad to have them.  They all have their own columns and I urge you visit them and see what they are up to.

Geek Girls is fast becoming a big hit.  Bryan has been doing an amazing job with these.  Please take 15 mins out of your day and give them a listen.

Comments and posts!!  We need/love them.  Please don’t be afraid to voice your opinion on this site.  We love it.  Yes you have to register and yes you have to be approved.  It’s done so that we don’t get spammed by bots.  It’s not an elitist thing I swear.  Just register and then check your email for your approval email.  Then post away.

Well thanks for reading this.

Now, what comic to read next…….

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