Hello there.  Time for another update from the wordy bastard that has way to much rolling around in his brain.

This has been on of the longest weeks ever for me.  Spent a majority of it running from one end of the state to the other.  It’s a good thing I love to drive because otherwise it would have driven me even more crazy than it did.  The fact that the temp was well over 100 didn’t help any.  Summer is always a blessing and a curse for me.  On one hand the summer season means Con.  On the other hand it means hiding in the shade or blowing $ on the air conditioning.  I hate it.  I mean I hate it like Gollum hates Bagginses.

Speaking of Con (San Diego Comic Con for those of you wondering), this week saw the release of the first 4 days of scheduling.  Wow, as usual there will be a lot of stuff going on.  Of course you trolley or walk to con thinking you are going to hit everything you want to see.  Then once you get there you think “Yeah fuck that I’ll just pack a bag and camp out in line for hall H”.  I always want to go to all these panels and hit every booth and talk to everyone, when in reality you are lucky if you can make it to the bathroom in time.  Maybe this year I will minimize my desire to hit the panels and just be glad I am inside away from that Evil Sun that looms in the sky.  It mocks me.  I swear it does!!

But yeah, Con is going to be a huge blast and I am looking forward to it.  Bryan and I are pumped and primed.  Again, missing Ryan this year.  Bastard.

Today, as I am writing this, we are finalizing the ZKS #0 preview issue.  It’s coming along greatly and if Justin happens to look in my office while I am writing this I am sure he will yell at me so let me keep this short Smiley.

All the images are 90% done.  They will be at 100% tonight.  Then we will be scanning and putting together the layout.  The *poof* off to the printers with it.  Then comes the worst part.  Waiting.  As if we haven’t waited enough dammit!!!  Janet.

This week you can come hang out with the whole lot of us at the Edwards Cinema to see the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.  We will be there on Tuesday night around 8pm to get in line for the midnight showing.  We will be conducting interviews and such while we are there so please feel free to join us!!!

The first 10 people to come up and say Forbidden Panel Rocks!!  will get a big hug.  Hell, anyone to come up to us and say that will get a big hug, but only the first 10 will be get to cop a feel!!

So yeah that’s all I got for this week.  Keep an eye out for a new episode of Geek Girlsand check out Episode #32 of Panelcast now with more iTune Goodness

Thanks guys.

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