Well as I write this it has been 1 week since I came back from Comic Con, and I am still wiped out.

Let me start out with my impression of it all.

I loved going.  There were a lot of people there and the general vibe was pretty cool.  Still,  the amount of people was overwhelming at times.  Trying to maneuver through the mass of bodies took a lot of patience as well as the occasion machete chop.  But I still loved it.

This year was also a bit different in that one of our friends, High Tower Comics, had a booth their for the first time.  I went down on Tuesday before con and help him set up his booth.  It was kinda wierd in that we saw the floor as it was being set up.  So instead of the mass swarm of people we saw forklifts and workers running around trying to get everything setup before the next day.  It was awesome.  Once we set up his booth we ran around taking pics of the empty spaces, knowing that in 24 hours those spaces would be filled to the max capacity.

The other different thing we did there was concentrate on work.  We were out promoting for the site as well as nailing down a lot of awesome interviews with not only up and coming indy comic places but well established comic creators as well.  That had to have been the highlight of con, sitting down with the creators of Chew or Brea and Zane Grantand just geeking out.

Bryan and I were also lucky in that we got to play the new demo for Left 4 Dead 2.  That was awesome as well.  We sat in a group of 4 and just blasted away and the undead.  I would have been fine just leaving it at that, but we also scored a few free shirts as well.

The downtown experience was different that normal.  With so many people out and about this years Zombie Walk failed in achieving the coolness it could have reached.  It was still cool to see though.  Eating out in the gaslamp was enjoyable as well.  On of the new Hard Rock hotel diners was converted to Cafe Diem.

As a huge Eureka fan I was geeking out.  Of course I wasn’t geeking out over paying $15 for a Cheeseburger but hey it’s con.

So that’s pretty much all I have for the con stuff.  Everything else I have you can find by checking out the latest episode of PanelCast.  There you will find all of the interviews that we conducted while at Con.  And stay tuned soon as we will have our big Pic Post of Comic Con!!!

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