Man, what a past few weeks it’s been.  I don’t even know where to start with an update or column.

Let’s start with Inglorious Basterds.  Did not dig it.  I mean it was kinda cool and all in an artistic sense but as an overall movie, I just wasn’t feeling it.  Sorry.  Start shooting me hate responses now lol.

Been busy doing a lotta running around and prep work for the upcoming comic.  Justin and I are hard at work and trying to get all the prep done on this so we can send it to the printers as soon as possible.  Wanna see a sneak peek at the art for it?

There ye have it.

We are very proud of the comic and how it’s coming together.  So stick around and you won’t be disappointed.

Read The Nobody this week.  That was a really good book and was pleasantly surprised by it.  Also, Deadpool Suicide Kings wrapped up it’s 4 issue run.  Really loved that one.

The banter between Deadpool and Spiderman had me laughing.

Well, it’s getting late and I need to play me some Batman: Arkham Asylum.  Can’t believe it made it into the Guinness Book Of World Records already.  That’s kinda sweet. hehe.

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