As may be apparent from their banner on our front page, we have slowly been forming a report with some of the ladies of Girls Drawing Girls.  When I saw that there was a closing exhibition for their “Girls Of Summer” gallery show on August 30th, I thought it would be a good way to show support for their fantastic project by attending.  Not to mention it was being held in the gallery of the awesome Meltdown Comics shop in Los Angeles.  Forbidden Panel was so there!

Girls Drawing Girls is a group of ladies involved in the art/entertainment business world, focusing on art/animation; some are professionals some are freelance, but all are exceptionally talented.  The GOS exhibit was a showcase of satirical, erotic, daring, whimsical and supremely executed pieces from an all female group that really showed that women can draw as well or better than the boys, and really have fun with it too.

While the venue lighting was a bit too dark in places and it was getting to be a sauna with all the bodies in attendance, the show was free and they had free drinks and free food and lots of great art.  Personally, I can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday evening!

No amount of wordyness from me can fairly describe the works, so on to the pictures!

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