While I sit here impatiently awaiting the return of The Walking Dead to television, It of course dawns on me that I have not followed up on my favorite Comic series, The Walking Dead. I really doubt that anyone reading this has never heard of either, but for those two Amish kids that stumble here during Rumspringa, this comic follows the exploits of a group of survivors during the zombie apocalypse. I won’t go into anymore detail because no amount of words can sufficiently describe this magnificent work of a comic. Robert Kirkman has taken a popular, and populace, horror genre and introduced something refreshing into it. Human stories. Kirkman has captured people not because the survivors get horribly savaged by hordes of the undead (although they sometimes do), but because they are real people that you care about (or hate).

If you listen to the Panelcast (and you should) you have probably hear AJ and I gushing about the series, regularly. It has stayed consistently engrossing, dramatic, and gut wrenching. Especially this last one. If you are familiar with the series at all, you know no one is safe. you get emotionally invested in these characters, only to have terrible things happen. The latest issue (#83) is one of those issues that continues this trend, and as much as I want to blurt out spoilers, I shant. This latest story arc has shown the characters struggling to deal with their new found good fortune. Between wanting to become complacent and knowing that it is all probably just an illusion. And you feel for them. You want them to just have a little respite, all the while knowing that things will eventually go very, very badly. An exercise in self torture, maybe, but it makes for a very compelling read. so…

Go. Read. It.

I will say that I don’t often find myself exclaiming out-loud over something I just read, but this issue got me, and I have been anticipating something bad happening in the latest story arc for a while. Kirkman, you brilliant bastard, you got me again. Every issue is good, but sometimes the issue is damn good (or horrible in a sense) and I know why I keep coming back to this series.

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