My experience at ComicCon 2009 can be summed up pretty quickly;
Insomnia inducing.
Overload of stimulus.
Lots of pretty people.
Lots of… well interesting people. 😉
Awesome costumes and some that weren’t so much so.
Old friends and reunions.
The reason for my delay in getting this article up to you all of you is the absolute, pure fatigue that came from my first experience of being at the con all 4 days.  In the past, I’ve been for a weekend, Saturday afternoon till Sunday, but I’ve never gone from Thursday through the end of Sunday.  And yes… I do mean the END of Sunday.
Unlike all my friends and colleagues, I made it till they told us to leave!  Now I don’t know if that is really something to be proud of or if it just confirms what a glutton for punishment I truly am.  Either way, I consider it a badge of honor especially when all my more experienced friends left much earlier than we did.
So at this point, a week later, I am no less exhausted but that’s a whole other story which pretty much includes the fact that I have a full time job and I adopted two newborn kittens this week.
I’ll be writing excerpts of my week at con over the next few days as I finally unload all my bags o’crap that I brought home with me.  There was SO much awesome stuff being given away this year, better than I remember in past years so I brought a lot home with me.  Hopefully I’ll get in contact with those who were kind enough to offer interviews to us and provide everyone we spoke to the opportunity to showcase their work here.
So there’s far too much for one article.  Stay tuned to hear about smart-ass stick figures, Day of the Dead ceramics, epic FAIL costumes, hot zombie chicks, amazing art and sculpting, pretty cars, bottles of True Blood and the epic  saga of line control fail.   Smiley

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