I have few things to say about Chuck.
In case you’re not familiar with this show, it’s a fantastic action/comedy about this run of the mill geek that accidentally implants a CIA/NSA database into his brain and now works with the CIA because he is now the only link to this information that exists.  An employee of the “Buy More” store that strangely bears a striking resemblance to Best Buy… he plays a member of the “nerd herd”, obviously a play on the “Geek Squad”.
Chuck can look at images and instantly access information in the Intersect to have full knowledge of whatever he needs.  Pretty awesome concept.
I just wanted to say I’m not pleased with the implied story arch heading our way as seen in the most recent episode.
I was watching Chuck last Monday and by the time it was over, I had a bit more anxiety than usual and I have to admit… I was a bit disappointed and a little concerned.  There are specific things about it that demand my loyalty.
A few of those things are:

1.   Hot geek kicking ass, much of the time by accident
2.   Hot spy dude that was once a liaison to the Powers playing with pretty weapons and protecting said hot geek
3.   Creative story line, easily combining comedy, intelligence, some action and even suspense at times
4.   The main female characters are neither victims nor are they “I’m too strong for you” borderline butch caricatures
5.   Simple and lighthearted with the occasional sentimental moment
6.   Has an overall good feeling that tends not to leave me feeling I’ve lost brain cells once the credits roll
7.   …and most importantly… it’s fun.  It’s fun and doesn’t make me uncomfortable with moral decisions or obligate me to worry for my characters.
8.     The intersect is sexy.  Straight up.  A guy that can literally download shit into his mind and go from hot tech boy to hot tech boy that knows how to kill people… mmm.. yeah.

So bearing this in mind, (this is the part where if you’ve never seen it and don’t want to know anything about it you should stop reading) what happened last week was an entire hour of Chuck getting used to the new gig as an actual spy.  His friends and family are worried, he’s having to lie to people, he’s getting all conflicted and it was an entire hour of moral dilemmas and I can see it coming…
He’s gonna have to make a choice between which life is more important and the entire time I’m gonna be worried about it.  I’m gonna have to wonder if he’s going to stay a spy or give it up because he’s just too nice a guy.  I’m gonna have to watch miss Sarah question whether or not she did the right thing, watching his sweet and innocent soul drift away as he makes black and white decisions in the name of the greater good and she’s going to fear him turning cold.
We’ve seen this before- the most obvious to me are Clark Kent and Louie de Pointe du Lac and eventually we’ll see that conflict come to a head just as we always have while we wonder- will he do what he is expected to do and risk becoming apathetic and cold, or remain human and vulnerable and loved by all, walking away from it all in order to keep his family and friends?
If I wanted to watch that, I’d still be watching Smallville or some other nonsense that makes me equally as uncomfortable for my characters as they wade through the swamp of moral questions, fending off the alligators of guilt and fear for an entire hour.

The bottom line is I don’t want a soap opera where the writers are working out their own psychological issues of responsibility, I want my cute boy in a black tie have splendid little adventures that are somewhere between the Matrix and Psych and only as complex as they need to be to keep me interested and not feeling like I wasted an hour of my life.
I’m also not too pleased that they’re turning John into the “Kronk” of the show- the comic idiot body guard with a fetish for weapons and no brain.  I’m all for the fetish for weapons, mind you… I just think he’s a bit more of an airhead in this season and I’m not pleased.
Overall, it was a whole lotta drama.
I’ll keep watching it… don’t get me wrong, but that’s only because I’m a glutton for punishment and I know it.
I have to wonder where it’s all going to go from here.  I’m looking forward to tonight’s episode to see if my suspicions are confirmed or if I’m being worried for no reason.

What do you think?

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