We all know zombies are shambling, mindless, chemical/virus pumped up reanimated corpses driven by a need to eat all the squishy bits off of you and your family. But zombies working for the public good?
That’s exactly what a geeky entrepreneur named Mark Siwak is trying to do in the Motor City. Mr. Siwak and the Z World Detroit team have started up an Idiegogo campaign to open up a zombie themed experience park on 200 acres of the cities abandoned and dilapidated warehouse district and surrounding abandoned neighborhoods.
The idea is to have a post-apocalyptic space where visitors and a couple hundred of their friends and complete strangers, can spend a night running away from the shambling undead, finding supplies, and generally surviving until daylight. The campaign, while admittedly could use some help in the illustration area, is pretty well thought out. While at first mention this sounds like it should end up on the ‘wtf?’ scale these guys have looked at a lot of angles on this and if they can get the funding, might just be able to pull it off. I’m a little skeptical about the patch system and think that might need to get rethought because if patches equal my life I will be defending them, ahem, strenuously. But also do zombies now have the pull to sustain a long term project like this?
Would I try spending a night in Z World Detroit? Heck yeah! So hopefully these guys get their campaign funded and sometime soon we can all go crawling through abandoned buildings in the dead of night sacrificing our slowest friends to a ravening horde!
Here’s a video they put out about their campaign give it a watch and if you feel like donating to the cause their Indiegogo page is HERE.

This idea may be getting its first test drive this side of the pond, however, this week at – drum roll please- San Diego Comic Con! The Walking Dead Escape will be taking over San Diego’s Petco Park and is an interactive 55 minute walker dodging run to your evac out of the contamination zone. With tickets available for spectators as well as participants that will crawl, climb, and sprint to safety (the first 10,000 survivors to make it to the evac zone will get a free issue #100 variant Walking Dead comic) and the chance to volunteer to be a walker and get your zombie make over from Greg Nicotero and KNB EFX this is the zombie event of the summer. This is practically a perfect dry run for the idea of Z World and if it gains near the level of success that I think it should then this should really give a boost to the Z World idea.
And if that’s not enough for you a company in England, Wish Co.UK, ran an immersive zombie outbreak simulation similar to the Walking Dead Escape last month in an abandoned mall in Reading that was so successful at approximately $230 a pop (£139) that they have added a new manor house encounter and more dates for the mall one. It looks like Z World Detroit may not be so far-fetched an idea after all.
Here is some great video ABC did of the mall encounter. It looks likes like they had a blast.
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So- are you ready for the coming outbreak or do you need to sign up for some training?

What babe? The one growing inside our very own Janelle! Yup America’s very own geeky sweetheart who has been giving us her eye view is expecting another little face hugger to burst out of her chest in a little over a month. You know what this means-

Baby stuff round up!! *insert Kermit arm flailing*

So first up on our adventure into geeky baby land is… drumroll please…

Mama Twiggy with adorable Superman and Batman diaper covers! What baby wouldn’t love to flash these cute little drawers?

Disclaimer: superhero diaper covers will not make your baby a billionaire playboy nor give them the ability to fly. You can thank us later.

Hoping that your little one will follow in the Watchmen’s footsteps?  Shannon Sorenson Designs has pint sized vigilante onesies .

So far these don’t appear to come in adult sizes, darn it!

Speaking of onesies- Geekling Designs  has some seriously uber gear for the younglings!

Seriously where was that last one when my youngest was born?

And last but certainly not least Morning Tempest Studios has some of the coolest embroidery I have seen in a long time. The designs are available for shirts, bibs, and hoodies and are so full of awesome it’s ridiculous!

And yes folks these do come in adult sizes! I personally recommend checking out the fairytale series- they are slightly creepy like all good fairytales should be with great artwork.

So stop on over to Janelle’s column and leave her some geeky love for the little squirmling while you still can- it’s only a matter of time until the baby and her son form a rebel alliance against the evil parental empire!

Summer is upon us.

Summer is the gilded moments of our youth when we  got to break free of the shackles of the education machine and spend our days and nights battling evil through the hills, valleys, and hidden caverns of Hyrule. Okay, maybe that was just me.

However as our thoughts turn to the long sunny  days of our youth, as they invariably do when we see children running free while we are cooped up in our cars commuting to or from work, it is hard not to notice that things have definitely changed. The advances in technology have invaded nearly every aspect in our lives. The world is so different today than when we were kids that even Marty McFly would freak out a little.  Heck, they have even created and marketed a couple of the more futuristic items from the Back to the Future franchise such as the automatic shoes and, most recently, working hover boards (I know- squee!).  Pop culture has become swamped in a tide of tech and geeks have been riding the wave to glory.

Summer is the most anticipated time of the year for movie releases and steadily titles based around comic books, video games, and books in the sci-fi/fantasy genres have begun to outnumber and outshine more ‘regular’ titles. The most buzzed about movies, and also the highest grossing, have been pure geek candy and they have been sweet.  Just ask around and see how many people didn’t see Avengers and want to have its babies.

Ok maybe that’s just me again. Ahem.

Just look at the top ten all time grossing movies and it’s practically a who’s who of great geeky films!

Rank                                Title Lifetime Gross Year Released
1 Avatar $760,507,625 2009
2 Titanic $658,672,302 1997
3 Marvel’s The Avengers $599,387,534 2012
4 The Dark Knight $533,345,358 2008
5 Star Wars Episode I $474,544,677 1999
6 Star Wars $460,998,007 1977
7 Shrek 2 $441,226,247 2004
8 ET $435,110,554 1982
9 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest $423,315,812 2006
10 The Lion King $422,783,777 1994
Total $$ on ‘Geeky’ Movies   $3,687,199,567  



Look at those numbers!  Over 3.6 BILLION DOLLARS in geeky movies and that is just the top 10. I would also like to point out that this list is over the lifetime gross of the movies so Avengers coming in at number three is only temporary since it hasn’t even left theaters yet.

We, folks, have gone mainstream. We are a marketplace force.

But still- with comic convention attendance climbing, geeky movies dominating the box office, and having the latest tech is a serious status symbol it looks like the gilded age of geekdom we longed for in our youth has come. May the summer of the Geek never end!

Here are some of the geeky* titles we can wait impatiently for-


The Amazing Spiderman

The Dark Knight Rises

The Watch


Total Recall

The Bourne Legacy

The Expendables 2




Resident Evil: Retribution


Hotel Transylvania



*I excluded the majority of the horror or strictly paranormal movies coming out, not because they are not geeky but because they deserve a category of their own.

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