Nice 7 Nation Army Remix.

And dammit, it actually looks cool.  Don’t trick me again!!!

Also, NO LIPS!!

Sherlock Holmes stories have entertained readers since Sir Author Conan Doyle’s character was introduced in 1887. The detective has solved numerous mysteries and faced some of literature’s smartest villains. The most notorious of Holmes’ nemesis has to be Professor Moriarty, the “Napoleon of Crime” as the great detective called him. The battle between these two has been used in stories and parodies by other authors for over a century. A new story from that world, Moriarty, Volume 1, The Dark Chamber from Image Comics hits shelves this week. By a self-proclaimed “lifelong Holmes fan,” Daniel Corey, the trade paperback is the stylish tale of a much older Moriarty being drawn into the hunt for a new criminal mastermind bent on causing serious mayhem in London and claiming the crown of greatest criminal mastermind that the Professor used to hold.

Moriarty Vol. 1 from Image Comics

Moriarty Vol. 1 from Image Comics

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