June  199? (none of your business what that last number is) –  Freedom was just around the corner. The clock was slowly ticking its way around to three o’clock on the last day of school. Emphasis on slowly.  As those last few seconds ticked down Mr. Carrington made a last round, dropping a piece of paper on each desk. The dreaded Summer Reading List.

I loved to read, but something just seemed so wrong about a teacher assigning books over Summer.

However, this time that horrible piece of paper included a title that once I picked up I couldn’t put down (unlike Great Expectations *shudder*).  The Great Gatsby- a beautifully written portrayal of a time and people that bordered on the mythic and had me hanging until the very end.

Who is the villain, who the hero? Would Gatsby reach his goal and what really was that goal? It was a psychological thriller wrapped in a decadent love story wrapped in discordant social commentary. Can you guess that I liked it?

Needless to say when I heard through the interwebz that rumors of a new film adaptation were in the works I was skeptical. Granted this was a portion of my childhood I had not expected them to drag out of my warm fuzzy memories and dismember in graphic detail. I was preparing myself to handle the horror of a Care Bears remake (no I haven’t heard anything about that actually happening but you know Michael Bay will get to it eventually). But Gatsby? Did not see it coming.

Well as it says in the title rumors have morphed into fact and now into a trailer for the Great Gatsby headlining Toby Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio. I’m currently reserving judgment on the casting and instead enjoying the picture that the trailer is painting for me. If the movie holds up to this they may just have gotten it right.

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