September 22, 2011 – Los Angeles, CA – With sights set on New York Comic Con, Halloween (and possibly the MLB playoffs), Evil Ink Comics and BOOM! Studios proudly announced the debut of Claudio Sanchez’s KEY OF Z, infesting store shelves October 19th! The announcement comes coupled with brand new, never-before-seen Issue #1 cover art by FLOURESCENT BLACK’s Nathan Fox.

KEY OF Z, co-written by Sanchez and Chondra Echert, introduces Nick Ewing, a man left to survive in a post-zombie-apocalyptic New York City while seeking revenge on those responsible for the death of his family – the warring gangs residing in The Big Apple’s most illustrious athletic houses.

The much-anticipated KEY OF Z #1 features interior art from THE AMORY WARS’ Aaron Kuder, as well as a baseball-homage limited retailer incentive cover by THE WALKING DEAD’s Tony Moore and a stunning NYCC-exclusive cover by Declan Shalvey (28 DAYS LATER, THUNDERBOLTS).

Sanchez and Echert will be signing at their Evil Ink Comics booth (#1345) at New York Comic Con Thursday and Friday (October 13 and 14) and Sunday (October 16). Signing times and full signees will be announced soon!

Also be sure to attend the BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY panel at New York Comic Con where Claudio will be a guest speaker, happening Friday October 14th at 12:15pm in the IGN Theater (

From Dark Horizons

Dark Horse Comics has created an exclusive digital comic to serve as a prequel to the upcoming thriller remake “The Thing” opening October 14th.

Starting this week, the comic will be released in three eight-page installments on September 21, September 28 and October 5 and is available FREE online at and via the free Dark Horse Comics mobile app.

“The Thing: The Northman Nightmare” tells the origin story which is set in a frigid Greenland and introduces us to a group of Norsemen who find themselves caught in a game of survival when they discover a terrifying creature.

The shape-shifting monster has the ability to turn itself into a perfect replica of any living being. It can look just like you or me, but inside, it remains inhuman. And it hides somewhere in a desolate village with few human survivors, among them a strange group of women.

Steve Niles (“30 Days of Night”) wrote the comic while Patric Reynolds (“Serenity”) did the art and Dave Stewart (“Hellboy”) the colors.

DC Comics continued to rule comic book sales for a second week this month as 13 new titles his shelves. Justice League of America, Action Comics, and Batgirl have all been announced for second printings (Justice League already has an order for a third printing before the second publishing even goes on sale!). For what it’s worth, here’s a quick rundown of my thoughts on Week 2 in the September release of the New 52. Continue reading

This shirt tells the world: “I find your lack of education disturbing.”

shirt.woot! :: Substitute Teacher

Borogove is a card game based off Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, And What Alice Found There. It was first seen in the pages of Skin Deep, with a Jub Jub Bird and a Bandersnatch playing the card game. At the time the creator just threw some words from Jabberwocky into the dialog to make it seem like a weird, fun game. Many readers expressed interest in actually playing Borogove, so she sat down and started to create a game. Now she wants to print it so everyone can play and enjoy and she’s using Kickstarter to do just that!

There’s only 24 hours left to support this project so do it now before it’s too late! I’ve already pledged my $10!

Kickstarter :: Borogove

DC Comics’ new titles continue to dominate the sales this week, but that does not mean other great books were absent from shelves. Lil’ Depressed Boy hit the road to “feed his soul,” Sherlock Holmes continues his first year on the path toward becoming the world’s greatest detective, a new group begins their journey in Pigs #1 and Miles Morales began filling Peter Parker’s shoes in Ultimate Spiderman #1. Here is a quick roundup on some of this week’s issues. Continue reading

Take a look at these delicious droids! These awesome R2-D2 and C-3PO inspired swimsuits were brought to us by Black Milk Clothing. The company is creating new geeky goodness all the time.




In this long awaited episode Bryan and I return to talk about the latest news and give our review of Image comics Moriarty.

Sherlock Holmes stories have entertained readers since Sir Author Conan Doyle’s character was introduced in 1887. The detective has solved numerous mysteries and faced some of literature’s smartest villains. The most notorious of Holmes’ nemesis has to be Professor Moriarty, the “Napoleon of Crime” as the great detective called him. The battle between these two has been used in stories and parodies by other authors for over a century. A new story from that world, Moriarty, Volume 1, The Dark Chamber from Image Comics hits shelves this week. By a self-proclaimed “lifelong Holmes fan,” Daniel Corey, the trade paperback is the stylish tale of a much older Moriarty being drawn into the hunt for a new criminal mastermind bent on causing serious mayhem in London and claiming the crown of greatest criminal mastermind that the Professor used to hold.

Moriarty Vol. 1 from Image Comics

Moriarty Vol. 1 from Image Comics

Continue reading

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