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Warner Bros. has acquired feature film rights to Nate Simpson’s comicbook “Nonplayer” from publisher Image Comics and has set up the potential tentpole project with producers Roy Lee (“The Ring”) and David Heyman (the “Harry Potter” series).

“Nonplayer” is a sci-fi/fantasy story about Dana Stevens, a brilliant young woman who retreats from the dismal workaday world of the future into the digital fantasy realm of Jarvath, where she’s a fearless warrior.

First of six issues went on sale in April.

Prior to “Nonplayer,” Simpson worked as a videogame concept artist.

Heyman most recently produced WB’s “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2,” which has grossed more than $1 billion worldwide since opening last month. He’s in production on Alfonso Cuaron’s Sandra Bullock starrer “Gravity,” which WB recently skedded for release on Nov. 21, 2012.

Lee recently produced Lionsgate’s upcoming Taylor Lautner thriller “Abduction” and served as an exec producer on CBS Films’ Daniel Radcliffe starrer “The Woman in Black.” He’s developing a remake of the South Korean classic “Oldboy” for Mandate Pictures.



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First, a movie about a semi-super-powered vigilante (“The Dark Knight’), then a movie about super-powered robots (“Transformers: Dark of the Moon”) and now a TV pilot about law enforcers for super-powered criminals.

Chicago is looking more like a splash page every summer, and with the recent filming of “Powers” — adapted from the graphic novel of the same name — the city adds another notch to its figurative utility belt.

Chicago, cops & super-criminals in new TV pilot – Chicago Sun-Times.

Artist, illustrator delves into the dark side of comic books | The Desert Sun |

Standing on his patio, smoking a cigarette and drinking his morning coffee, Wes Huffor looks like any Palm Springs resident who enjoys a laid-back desert lifestyle and works at home.

But step across the threshold into the apartment he shares with his girlfriend of two years, Kristeen Kidd, and it becomes apparent the 33-year-old Huffor is equally comfortable in a different, sometimes dark, larger-than-life world.

“Eureka,” “Desperate Housewives” Cancelled | News | Dark Horizons.

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When writing about the forward movement on Marvel’s big screen adaptation of Doctor Strange we commented that things were going to get weird with the Marvel slate of feature films soon. With the slate of available big marquee titles dwindling the film division is having to dig deeper into the catalog for some of their lesser known titles and the Cosmic side of the Marvel Universe will soon be present on the big screen in a big way.

Marvel’s Kevin Feige is a big fan of this aspect of the company’s library and was a big proponent of moving forward with Doctor Strange. So what comes next on that front? How about a big screen version of Guardians Of The Galaxy?

Originally created in 1969 and resurrected in 2008, Guardians of the Galaxy that begins as a far-future story revolving around a group of alien beings – each the last of their kind – who eventually travel back in time to protect the earth from alien invasion. Feige first raised the possibility of a Guardians Of The Galaxy feature in an interview with MTV in June of 2010but it appears they have now decided to move ahead with the project as sources tell Twitch the film version is now in active development. Expect the on-screen Marvel universe to get a bit bigger soon.

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With Kenneth Branagh passing on a second helping of “Thor” in favour of other projects, the search for a new director may have already come to an end.

Irish auteur Brian Kirk, best known for directing numerous episodes of the first season of HBO’s hit series “Game of Thrones”, is reportedly under major consideration to helm a “Thor” sequel for Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Pictures says Variety.

The choice isn’t a surprise. With ‘Thrones’ he has demonstrated a strong ability to handle a grounded but fantastical setting populated with a large ensemble cast and a rich complex mythology.

The “Thor” sequel is expected to be on a larger scale than the first film with double the amount of Asgardian characters and the inclusion of various mythical Norse creatures. It’s currently slated for a late July 2013 release.

From The Hollywood Reporter

GK Films has picked up film rights to The Vault, an Image comic book written by Sam Sarkar, an executive at Johnny Depp’sInfinitum Nihil production shingle.

Depp and Nihil’s president Christi Dembrowski will produce the movie adaptation along with GK’s Graham King and Tim Headington.

Written by Sarkar and drawn by Garrie Gastonny, the underwater sci-fi story centers on a group of divers who, off the coast of Nov Scotia, uncover a sarcophagus with unusual remains and inadvertently unleash an ancient evil. Sarkar and Gastonny previously created the supernatural Western graphic novel Calberfor Radical Publishing.

Vault is a three-issue mini-series. The first issue hit stores this week.

King, whose company has a first-look deal with Nihil, recently worked with Depp on the Paramount animated film Rango. King has HugoMartin Scorsese’s first foray into kids adventure, in the can and set for release November 23 by Paramount.

Sarkar is repped by CAA and the Schiff Co.

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Earlier this year, in an interview with The Daily RecordJames McAvoy hinted at a tantalizing potential project on the horizon saying, “I’m looking at a part soon, like the second half of this year, that is quite extreme I mean, quite full on mental.” While the actor is currently shooting the crime drama “Welcome to the Punch,” the premise of that film— about a London detective whose old nemesis, an armed robber, reappears after five years away—doesn’t sound “quite extreme” or “full on mental.” However, one project that has been floating with his name attached is an adaptation of Irvine Welsh‘s “Filth” and it now seems the long-gestating project is coming together.

The book is right in the usual Welsh wheelhouse, both lurid and darkly hilarious, as it follows the adventures of Bruce Robertson, a sex-obsessed, cocaine-addicted, bigoted Scottish police officer who is supposed to be investigating a murder but gets sidetracked by his own peculiarities, worries and hangups ranging from the pranks he pulls on his co-workers to his various sexual conquests. Looking in on Robertson is partner-of-sorts, Ray Lennox, and his boss, Bob Toal, in a story that is as outrageous, inventive and edgy as you might expect from Welsh and it has lined up a solid cast.

Today we spoke with the author about a film version of another one of his books, “Ecstasy” (more on that in a moment), and during our conversation he confirmed that not only is McAvoy on board for “Filth,” but that he’ll be joined by Jamie Bell and Alan Cumming, with filming to kick off in January 2012. “That’s going to be the main cast,” he told us adding, “James is going to be main character, Jamie is going to be Lennox his kind of sidekick and Alan is going to be Toal, his boss.”

Welsh is on board as a producer, with Brit helmer and friend Jon S. Baird behind the camera, who had impressed the author with his debut feature film. “Jon did a biopic of Cass Pennant, a film called ‘Cass,’ which was well received in the U.K…It was compared favourably by some of the critics to ‘This Is England.’ It was the same kind of style and really kind of a beautiful little film,” Welsh explained about how Baird came on board.

“Jon and I hit it off and became good friends. He’s worked really, really hard on it. I’ve been trying to that made with different producers and [with] different directors attached and different cast attached for years and years. He did a revised screenplay which was absolutely brilliant,” Welsh elaborated on the film’s development. “I think Jon’s definitely done something really sort of magic. He’s captured and he’s kept the essence of the main protagonist but he’s done a lot of interesting things with it as well. He’s kind of rendered very, very cinematic and I think it’s a great script and it’s going to make a great film with that cast attached.”

It’s hard to argue with that. Our big question is how the monologue by the protagonist’s tapeworm (yes, no joke) will be handled and if the film will stick with the wickedly black-as-night ending to the novel. Either way, McAvoy was not kidding around when he alluded to the project, and it’s certainly not like anything he’s done before. More to come next week including our exclusive trailer premiere for “Ecstasy,” with more from Welsh and the film’s director,Rob Heydon.

Here’s something interesting…

Sideshow Collectibles is offering the sale of “Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope” an amazing 224 page, full color, limited printing book for $49.99.  The book features the experience of ComicCon in all its colorful glory and spectacle, but here’s the kicker- This book is exclusively for those who did NOT attend ComicCon 2011.  Now, I have no idea how they’re gonna know that you did or did not attend, but apparently there are details on how you can get one of these beauties with all the specs and rules and what not.  It was a lot of reading that I didn’t really have time to do, so I’m just gonna give you the link and let you have at it.  There are only 5000 of these beautiful books and not only they the fancy, fabric-bound hard cover, but the book comes with a hard protective case that’s also fabric-covered.  Also, as a side note- This may just be the least expensive item you can purchase by Sideshow.

Sideshow is, if you don’t know… one of the absolute best of the best destinations for action figures, statues and collectible artwork within the geek universe.  They offer products ranging from sci-fi to comics, movies, fantasy, television, cartoons, just about anything you can think of and every piece is a gorgeous work of art and let me tell ya, you get what you pay for.  It’s not cheap- but you’re never gonna have buyer’s remorse with their products and if you do, just call me and I’d be happy to take it off your hands.

Anyway, check this out- it’s cool and a great way to experience the insanity of the convention if you didn’t get to go.



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