There was a time when many thought that comic books would get kicked to the gutter the way LP records, 8-track and cassette tapes had been. After the many times that Superman and Batman died heroic deaths only to return, the fact was that with the arrival of the 1990s and early 2000s, super heroes seemed destined for early graves because of declining comic book sales and poor writing. Slowly but surely, the veil of death lifted, the grim reaper’s grip loosened and a new age of superheroes was born. Blame Sam Raimi, if you will, or even Ang Lee’s Hulk.

Fact is, comics are here to stay. Permanently.

Inland Empire Weekly – The Pen is Mightier than the Sword.

The Only Party At Comic-Con Where Everybody Is Invited!

Hilton Bayfront Odysea Bar
Thursday July 21st, 2011 9PM – ?:??
July 12th, 2010 – Los Angeles, CA – BOOM! Studios invites all Comic-Con attendees to celebrate BOOM! Studios’ 6th Year Anniversary with our annual Drink Up* taking place at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront Odysea Bar, Thursday July 21st from 9pm to ??? during Comic-Con International 2011 in San Diego, California.

Come help celebrate another year of BOOM!’s explosive growth with Ross Richie, Matt Gagnon, Chip Mosher, Wes Harris, Lance Kreiter, along with the rest of the BOOM! Crew and various BOOM! creators in attendance. Help us celebrate with a night of relaxed fun. Mix and mingle with fans and Pros!

This is an open invitation event. No RSVP needed. No tickets required. No lines to get in!

Where: Hilton Bayfront Odysea Bar
1 Park Blvd.,San Diego, CA 92101
When: Thursday July 21st from 9PM to ?:??
Anything Else: Including 2 new satellite bars & finger foods!

*For those not in the know, a “Drink Up” is just like a “Meet Up” but with people drinking. This will be a gathering of friends and fans, so make plans to stop by see what’s happening!

Come on out and join us for dinner on preview night of San Diego Comic Con.  It’s out tradition to have dinner here the first night as a way to kick off 5 crazy days of con and we want you to join us.


Some rumors were milling about the last couple days about a collector’s edition for the upcoming “Batman: Arkham City.” Well, it turns out the $99 price-point was accurate, and thanks to an announcement from Warner Bros. this morning, we get our first look at the premium package’s content. It doesn’t include a plastic Batarang, but there’s plenty of great stuff inside.


If you’re willing to pay the premium cost, the “Batman: Arkham City” collector’s edition is packed full of stuff that should please both fans of the videogame franchise and the comics.

First, there’s the collectible Batman statue, designed by Japanese toy company Kotobukiya. I wish the image released by Warner Bros. today had a more detailed close-up of the sculpture, but given Kotobukiya’s usually high-quality craftsmanship, I’m willing to bet this will look great next to all your other gaming paraphernalia.

The collector’s edition also comes with an art book, a copy of the DC animated-film “Batman: Gotham Knight,” early access to the Iceberg Lounge Challenge Map, a “Dark Knight Returns” skin, and four collectible cards. Also included is an “Arkham City” album from “hit artists.” There’s no indication who these “hit artists” are, but it doesn’t appear that this is a soundtrack, either. Weird.

The press release this morning also noted that the collector’s edition will be available in “limited quantities,” so if this is something you’re interested in, now may be a good time to visit your favorite retailer. “Batman: Arkham City” releases to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on October 18.


Thanks to MTV

The Geekscape Comic Con Booth Signing Schedule Booth #4016 | Geekscape.

Come out and see Justin and myself on Sunday!



Here’s another smash hit from the annals of the World’s Finest Slash Fiction Art. At Rome’s Villa Borghese gardens, you can stroll through the arbors and meditate on a sculpture of Batman readying his body for the Last Love of Krypton.

via Visit Rome, see the statue of Superman and Batman’s foreplay.

July 18th, 2011 – Los Angeles, CA – They read too many comics, watch too much sci-fi, and stammer when they talk to the ladies but only one group of friends can save Comic-Con International from the clutches of the undead as award-winning graphic novel publisher BOOM! Studios brings you the hilariously epic FANBOYS VS. ZOMBIES, originally conceived by Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning producer Ben Silverman (The Office, Ugly Betty), CEO and founder of multimedia studio Electus, and Jimmy Fox, Head of Creative Development for Electus.

“BOOM!’s planning some major mayhem and lots of laughs with FVZ.” says BOOM! Studios Editor-in-Chief Matt Gagnon. “FANBOYS VS. ZOMBIES aims to put all those survival theories to the test and give readers some ideas for their own zombie apocalypse contingency plan. Be sure to read this book with someone you want to survive the zombie invasion with!”

They’ve been called geeks, nerds, and social outcasts, but when a group of fanboys take their annual trip to Comic-Con International they’ll find one of their greatest nightmares turned reality as San Diego becomes zombie ground zero. Armed only with the undead know-how they’ve gained from comic books, video games and horror movies, it’s up to one group of friends to navigate the Comic-Con feeding frenzy, and make it out alive! But will the zombie hordes be deadlier than they ever imagined? Can they save their friends along the way, and still make it out with some Comic-Con exclusives? Find out when the dead rise at Comic-Con International in the chilling and side-splitting epic, FANBOYS VS. ZOMBIES!

“Trust me when I say you’ll never look at Comic-Con or zombie stories the same way again once you feast your eyes on this gory and hilarious masterpiece,” said BOOM! Studios Marketing and Sales Director Chip Mosher. “BOOM!’s first book, back in the day, was ZOMBIE TALES – the company has been built on horror and humor comics. No one does zombies like BOOM! Studios!”

“BOOM! Studios is the ideal partner for this initiative as no one understands what serves this audience better than they do,” said Jimmy Fox, Head of Creative Development for Electus. “We wanted to create this for the real fans. The comic book junkies, the sci-fi nuts, the horror enthusiasts, the hardcore gamers – every one of them will be represented in our cast of characters. This is for any fan who has ever wondered what would happen if they had to play the role of the hero.”

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