In this episode Bryan and I discuss the joys of childhood. Ok not really we mostly talk bad about Gotham High:

And while the images are great, the premise….well listen and find out.

We also review:

The Cape by Joe Hill

The Cape by NBC

Cowboys and Aliens

Starborn by Stan Lee

And we sit down with author David Minyard and discuss his upcoming book as well as the upcoming First Annual Redlands Zombie Walk.

as well as a whole lot more, in this our 90 min special 75th episode!!

To celebrate Zombie Love Day and the release of the new zombie anthology First Time Dead, We are attempting a zombie walk from the East parking lot of Redlands Mall (CVS) up State St to 7th and turn North to the shared parking lot of Burger Town and Katz Alley Bookstore.

There, Dave Minyard, the author who’s story “As I Watch Her Walk Away…” is included in First Time Dead, will be signing books and available for pictures along with all the undead milling about.

It is free to attend the walk and Dave Minyard will be signing books for free with purchase.


“These are the tentative plans at this time. All plans subject to change”

Check the event page on Facebook

Forbidden Panel will be trying to help David Minyard promote this as well as asking for anyone willing to dress as ZKS members join us so we can escort the Zombie Hordes down the streets of Redlands, CA.  We wouldn’t want any innocent people getting bit on accident.

So, Forbidden Panel has it’s hands on 10 tickets to the Spike And Mike’s Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation and we want you to have them.  So respond to this post with an excuse/explanation as to why they deserve them and the best 10 will win them!!  Be inventive.

It’s taking place at the Fox Event Center on Saturday, January 15th at 3 pm and the tickets will be waiting for you at the door.

For everyone else, tickets are only $10.

The winners will be announced on episode #75 of the PanelCast which will air the on January 12th.

Yes that means you have to listen to the show to find out if you have won or not.

Good Luck!!!

In this, our post holiday show, Bryan and I discuss what we did to make the time go by.

Also, we talk news and stuff as well as review:

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6 years ago Ryan Cain and myself got together and came up with an idea for a comic book company.  We wanted to create stories that hadn’t been seen in comics.  We worked our asses off during that time to try and build a company that would provide innovative ideas to the geeks out there.

What started out as just random discussions between 2 fanboys has grown into what you see here today.

In 2010 we put out our first comic book,  Z.K.S. Zombie Kill Squad.  While it wasn’t our first idea for a comic book, it certainly wasn’t something we regretted.  With the help of Justin White and Bryan Kreusch we managed to create something that has taken off like crazy.  Our #0 issue of the comic was the best selling comic book on New Comic Book Day.  We were also able to have a booth at Free Comic Book Day with some amazing people.  We did a signing at San Diego Comic Con and had booths at A.P.E. and various other conventions where we got to meet some of the greatest fans.

We held 2 contests in 2010.  The first was the Z.K.S. Pinup Contest which saw dozens of talented artists submit their pinups of Z.K.S. members and Zombies.  It was amazing.  The second was the Join The Z.K.S. Army contest which saw people show up to a convention dressed as Zombies in hopes of seeing their likeness drawn into our comic book.

Other achievements this year included the acquisition of new properties and the printing of 3 issues of Z.K.S. It also saw the growing of Forbidden Panel to include new writers, reviewers, and much more.  We welcomed Janelle and Craig Vendeville, Brandi Auset, Andrea Emmes, Sean Dortch, and Lynn Paulus to FPs roster.  Our website has hit over 200,000 hits a month and our little podcast has reached it’s 73rd episode.

201o was an amazing year for us and we want to thank each and everyone of you for sticking with us.  Our fans are absolutely amazing and hands down the best fans in the world.  We are very grateful for every single one of you.  It amazes us that we actually have fans and we do our best to show our appreciation.

Now 2011 is upon us and we have such sights to show you.  This year promises to be even better than last year and to prove it we are starting it off with the Inland Empire Comic Expo.  We’ve contacted all of the friends we made in the past year and collected them into one convenient location close to home so that you, the fans, don’t have to travel far to experience a fun time.  It’s going to be phenomenal.

So, again, thank you everyone for helping make Forbidden Panel a great place to be.  You liked us in 2010 and in 2011 you will love us.

On a personal note, I would like to thank all of the people behind the scenes.  You have helped make a dream come true this year and I love every single one of you.

Stay tuned to FP in 2011.    We’re not even close to being finished.