A few years ago a bunch of us were at 4 Color Fantasies participating in an event know as 24 Hour Comic Book Day. Basically, we lock ourselves in and have to come up and finish a 24 page comic book in that time. During the event I hired a creepy clown to come deliver pizza to Jimmy at 10pm at night. Knowing Jimmy’s absolute fear of clowns my intentions were pure evil…..of course.

This strip is is me referring to that night.

Also, I turned 50 last month so yay me!!

Forbidden Panel is excited to announce the newest issue of ZKS: Zombie Kill Squad – Just Another Day.

“What starts out as just a routine mission turns into something much more…..unforgivable.”

Written by AJ Herrera with Pencils By Daniel Whitfield, Inks By Luke Brown, Colors by Jack Lenihan, Dialogue/Narration by Janelle Vendeville, Lettering by Justin White, Front Cover by Scott Kruger, Back Cover by Joey LaBartunek, and Inside back cover by Eric Rivera.

This is the first ZKS book done in color with such a collaborative team. 

The book will be released on October 30th at Scare Faire in Victorville, CA for $4 and issue. It will also be available digitally in both CBR and PDF formats on November 1st.