I’d been attending San Diego Comic-Con since I moved down to SoCal in 2000. I always looked forward to four (now five) days of being in my nerd mecca, collecting SWAG for co-workers who couldn’t make it, coming back with news on this or that new hotness, and cosplaying it up like it was the end of the world. But I started to notice something… 

This one gets my Dad in the feels.

This one gets my Dad in the feels.

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At last weekend’s Comic-Con International in San Diego, Square Enix unveiled a new assortment of DC Comics Play Arts Kai Variant Batman figures. Called the “Rogue Series,” the new collection of figures mixes Batman with some of his most notorious villains. Square Enix released official images of the first figure from the line, the disturbingly unsettling “Two-Face Batman” figure. Continue reading

Warner Bros’ first R-rated animated feature film,“Batman: The Killing Joke,” took in a sizable haul during its special two-night theatrical run this week, grossing $3.8 million in ticket sales,according to Variety.

Despite the film’s controversial subject matter, it was the biggest exclusive release from Fathom Events, which usually focuses on live-streaming for theater chains. 1325 locations showed “The Killing Joke” on Monday night, raking in an average of $2,396 per site, with 810 theaters earning about $800,000 total on Tuesday. Monday night’s success even managed to supplant “Star Trek: Beyond,” which earned about $1,592 per theater. Continue reading


LIVE from the special Fathom Events Screening of Batman:  Killing Joke!


Tune in to hear AJ and Anthony give your their review of Alan Moore’s classic story turned into an animated movie!!

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Everyone always says that they don’t have enough time. Or that it is hard to set aside time to create, write, or draw. Well, we are giving you that time. You don’t have to stay all 24 hrs. Hell you don’t even have to come. But if you are tired of trying to find the time to do the things you want to do then come on down and use this as an excuse.

We have created these days because we love to be around creativity. During our 24hr days it has become apparent that artists and writers and creators feed off of each other. It has also been a great opportunity to get help with anything that you have been stuck on or just getting others opinions. It’s a fantastic environment to just create. Continue reading

Filmmakers Chris and Paul Weitz and Universal Television are teaming up with Grant Morrison to adapt the latter’s upcoming title, Sinatoro.Adam Armus and Kay Foster, co-creators of the NBC drama American Odyssey, are writing the TV script with Morrison, one of the preeminent comics writers who has penned defining works on Batman, Superman, X-Men and Animal Man, among others. Continue reading

FX has unveiled the first footage of its forthcoming “X-Men”-inspired drama series “Legion” which is being handled by “Fargo” showrunner Noah Hawley. The series marks the latest Marvel TV series and first for the studio on basic cable.

Dan Stevens plays David Haller, a man who is diagnosed with schizophrenia and learns that the visions and voices in his head might be more real than he once realized. Aubrey Plaza also stars in the show which is expected to debut sometime early next year.

Source: First Trailer: FX’s “X-Men” Series “Legion” | News | Dark Horizons


In this episode, Anthony returns from his long hiatus and he brings the entire show back with him!!  AJ discusses a little bit of Comic Con happenings while they both cover some recent news.


Then, Anthony reviews Batman Vs. Superman The Extended Edition while AJ reviews the Tome Of Bill series by Rick Gualtieri.


Finally, hear about all of the summer movies AJ has seen as he gives a brief review of ALL of them.

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