Here are the comics that we publish.

Zombie Kill Squad

Written by A.J. Herrera and Drawn by Justin White, this comic explores the world after the Zombie Apocalypse. How will the human race recover after such a devastating disaster.

El Super Maximo

Written and Drawn by Junior Ruiz, this comic showcases the ever burning question to Luchadores vs. The Supernatural.

The Plagued

When an airborne virus consumes the planet turning a tenth of the human population into flesh devouring monsters, life as everyone had known it was over. Family members turned on each other. People killed themselves in masses, and the world fell to the sicn and the dead. Watch the infection spread as the world falls apart following the dead in Lives of the Dead. Written and drawn by Daniel Whitfield with the cover and letters done by Camille Alaras.

Draw Till It Bleeds

Our newest addition to the Forbidden Panel family, Richard Duron comes out the gates with his premier issue and debuts his new company, Krooked Smile Art.  This sketchbook features his artistic tribute to all the things that helped shaped his childhood and influenced his growth into the amazing artist he is today.

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