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In this episode, AJ, Neehigh, and James review Thor: Ragnarok.  They also cover the news and tons more.

In this episode AJ and the PanelCast crew dive into the possible over saturation of comics books in main stream media.  Also, AJ takes some time to introduce the new crew.  Followed up by a bunch of random geeky conversation.

Please feel free to comment on our site or on the facebook page.  We would love to hear your opinions, questions, concerns.


Due to issues beyond our control, this episode has a lot of echo in the recording.  We apologize for the low quality in recording and promise to improve in the next episode.


In this episode, newcomers Abel and James join AJ as he reviews Blade Runner 2049.

James reviews Dark Night Metal and everyone discusses the season finale of Rick and Morty season 3.

In this episode AJ and the WonderComics gang comes back to discuss Movies.  What favorite movie/franchise do you want to see remade, rebooted, or left alone.  Feel free to add comment or suggestions in the comment section below!

In this episode AJ welcomes newcomers Alfred of Wondercomics in Yucaipa, Abel, and James.

Join them as they discuss Batman: Metal, The Defenders, and Batman and Harley Quinn.

Plus, a lot more.  Tune in now!!!


In this 181st episode, AJ keeps your ears busy by reviewing San Diego Comic Con 2017!!

Then he reviews Valerian and the City of a Thousand Plants, Dunkirk, and Atomic Blonde.

Finally, he wraps it up by reviewing Horizon Zero Dawn.

In this episode AJ reviews Spider-Man Homecoming.

Also, AJ sits down with James Ninness to discuss his newest book John Carpenter’s Tales of Science Fiction: Vault issue #1.

In this, our 179th episode, AJ talks about how he misses Anthony,

Also, AJ reviews both the video game, Prey, and the movie Wonder Woman.

In our 178th episode, Anthony has gone missing and left AJ all to himself.  Tune in to hear how awkward and uncomfortable AJ seems as he covers the news and reviews Alien: Covenant.

In this episode, the FP crew head out to watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.

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