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Filmmakers Chris and Paul Weitz and Universal Television are teaming up with Grant Morrison to adapt the latter’s upcoming title, Sinatoro.Adam Armus and Kay Foster, co-creators of the NBC drama American Odyssey, are writing the TV script with Morrison, one of the preeminent comics writers who has penned defining works on Batman, Superman, X-Men and Animal Man, among others. Continue reading

FX has unveiled the first footage of its forthcoming “X-Men”-inspired drama series “Legion” which is being handled by “Fargo” showrunner Noah Hawley. The series marks the latest Marvel TV series and first for the studio on basic cable.

Dan Stevens plays David Haller, a man who is diagnosed with schizophrenia and learns that the visions and voices in his head might be more real than he once realized. Aubrey Plaza also stars in the show which is expected to debut sometime early next year.

Source: First Trailer: FX’s “X-Men” Series “Legion” | News | Dark Horizons


In this episode, Anthony returns from his long hiatus and he brings the entire show back with him!!  AJ discusses a little bit of Comic Con happenings while they both cover some recent news.


Then, Anthony reviews Batman Vs. Superman The Extended Edition while AJ reviews the Tome Of Bill series by Rick Gualtieri.


Finally, hear about all of the summer movies AJ has seen as he gives a brief review of ALL of them.

Warner Bros. Animation has officially announced the titles for the next three films in its DC Animated Original films line-up: “Justice League Dark,” “Teen Titans: The Judas Contract,” and a “Batman and Harley Quinn” original by Bruce Timm.

The three follow on from next week’s release of “Batman: The Killing Joke” which just had its world premiere at San Diego Comic-Con last night and has been scoring rave reviews so far for its adaptation of the Alan Moore comic.

John Constantine and Swamp Thing are confirmed to be a part of “Justice League Dark.” Timm will create a new and original story for the Harley Quinn project which will score a release next summer.

Source: Three More Post-“Killing Joke” Films Planned | News | Dark Horizons

Earlier Thursday at the a panel dedicated to Cartoon Network’s upcomng new animated series, Warner Bros. Television delivered news about Justice League Action, now they’re showing some highlights.

Check out this SDCC highlight clip WBTV just released to the wild – including Patton Oswalt as Space Cabbie:

Source: JUSTICE LEAGUE ACTION SDCC 2016 Highlight Reel |


A lot of awesome stuff is streaming in from San Diego Comic Con.  One of which is the first trailer for the highly anticipated Luke Cage from Marvel and Netflix.  Check it out below.

Following its panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Machinima and Hasbro have unveiled the full trailer for the upcoming digital series “Transformers: Combiner Wars” which premieres August 2nd on go90.

Set four decades after the great war on Earth, the Autobots and Decepticons have disbanded and returned to Cybertron. With the days of Optimus Prime and Megatron over, Cybertron is now ruled by a triumvirate. However, an ancient technology has enabled a new threat, the power for multiple Transformers to combine into one massive, dangerous form: Combiners.

Eric Calderon (“Afro Samurai”) serves as executive producer with George Krstic (“Star Wars: The Clone Wars”) as Head Writer and FJ Desanto as a series writer. Also today, the voice cast for the series has been announced:

Anna Akana (“Hello, My Name is Doris”) as Victorion.
Jon Bailey (“EpicVoiceGuy”) as Opt imus Prime.
Charlie Guzman (“DashieGames”) as Menasor.
Ricky Hayberg (Host of Machinima’s “ETC”) as Computron.
Amy Johnston (“Street Fighter: Resurrection”) as Maxima.
Jaosn Marnocha (“Deathstroke: Arkham Assassin”) as Megatron.
Lana McKissack as Mistress of Flame.
Ben Pronsky (“Aldnoah.Zero”) as Rodimus Prime.
Patrick Seitz (“Inside Out,” “Monsters University”) as Devastator.
Frank Todaro (“LittleBigPlanet”) as Starscream.
Abby Trott (“Miss Monochrome”) as Winblade


Source: “Transformers: Combiner Wars” Gets A Trailer | News | Dark Horizons


How many posts on Facebook and memes all over social media have you seen this week that start out something like; “If you play Pokemon Go, you are…” followed by words like stupid, out of touch, childish, have your head up your ass, are ignoring the horrors of the world, should be doing something more valuable with your time, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera… let’s find new ways to look down on one another, blah, blah blah. UGH. OVER IT. Continue reading

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