Forbidden Panel Studios is an independent publishing company and event coordinator, specializing in graphic novels, comic books, and multimedia.

Formed in 2006 by A.J. Herrera, Forbidden Panel provides a home for revolutionary writers and gifted artists whose talents have gotten lost in the shuffle of mainstream comic companies. With properties ranging from creepy pets to zombie-killing farm girls, FP offers a wide variety of titles in numerous genres and styles, and is the developer of the Inland Empire Comic Expo and Inland Empire Zombie Beauty Pageant.

A.J. Herrera – Founder, Editor-In-Chief, Chief Executive Officer

Creator and grand architect of Forbidden Panel, A.J. is a lifelong fan of all things comic book. His desire to provide a platform for overlooked ideas and a community for ignored talent inspired him to open a comic publishing company that would cater to the strange and unusual. Schooled in computer technologies as well as the written word, he has developed FP as a sanctuary for independent comics, recruiting talented artists and writers from across the country. His experience in event coordination and film/radio production was highlighted with the creation and success of the bi-annual Inland Empire Comic Expo in 2011.  As creator and head writer of Zombie Kill Squad, he has paved the way for Forbidden Panel to rise as a leader in the production and distribution of independent comics and graphic novels.

Justin White – Art Director, Chief Creative Officer

For as long as he can remember, Justin has spent his free time creating and drawing monsters, villains, and superheroes. But it wasn’t until seeing the artwork of Arthur Adams in Marvel’s X-Men Annual #9 that he realized his destiny as a comic book style artist. After receiving a degree in graphic design, he opened Necro-Sapien Press, a freelance company that has achieved great success with illustration and creative design projects for a number of businesses. In 2008, Justin joined Forbidden Panel as a partner and head of the art department, and became sole illustrator/artist of Zombie Kill Squad.

Richard Duron – Art Director, Chief Financial Officer

Richard is a life-long geek with a passion for professional wrestling and comic books. He is a writer and the artist behind Krooked Smile Art, and has worked in independent film. He is currently producing his first comic title with FP.

Janelle Vendeville – Website Management, Editor, HR/Customer Service.

Janelle joined the FP staff in 2007 as a columnist and now manages several facets of the business while continuing to write and participate in company activities, as time allows. Her love of geek culture, history in corporate customer service management, as well as ecommerce, provide an edge that qualifies her to make strong decisions as a partner in the company. She writes horror, sci-fi and suspense short stories recreationally, yet has nothing published at this time. Outside FP, Janelle moderates a parenting-focused internet community and related blog under the title, “The Cautious Mom” and is a volunteer columnist for the Redlands Daily Facts.  She and her husband live in Redlands, CA where they are proud to raise their two children. 

Meet the rest of our team here: The Staff of Forbidden Panel, Inc. 


A.D.A.M. Security Services:

SecurityAvailable May 2011. Webcomic. Written by AJ Herrera, Illustrated by Various Artists.

Looking to protect your family and property by any means necessary? Call A.D.A.M Security Services, where offenders are damned for eternity.

 Zombie Kill Squad:

ZKS #0Available March 2010. Written and Illustrated by AJ Herrera, Justin White, Bryan Kreusch and R. Christopher Cain.

The Zombie Apocalypse has come and decimated the world.  What little government remains has gathered aboard an old aircraft carrier named “The Afterlife.” Sailing from port to port, these officials have gathered the few remaining survivors and trained them as an elite force: the Zombie Kill Squad. One city, one building at a time, ZKS works to reclaim the world and bring the living back from the edge of oblivion.

ZKS: Field Manual #1Available April 2010. Written and Illustrated by AJ Herrera and Justin White.

Think you’ve got what it takes to become a member of the Zombie Kill Squad? Study this ashcan to educate yourself on the top five ways to identify a zombie.

ZKS Spotlight: Kayla (24 Hour Comic Day) – Available June 2010. Written and Illustrated by AJ Herrera, Justin White, and Bryan Kreusch.

Meet Kayla, a Midwestern farm girl struggling to adapt and survive in a world overrun by the undead.

This Special Edition issue of Zombie Kill Squad is the result of Forbidden Panel’s participation in the 2010 worldwide event, 24-Hour Comics Day.

ZKS: Rancid Visions #1, #2, Vol #1 (Pin Up Issue) – Available November 2010. Various Artists.

In these Special Edition releases, over a dozen new and established comic book artists pay tribute to Forbidden Panel’s original comic book series, Zombie Kill Squad.

ZKS: Afterlife (24 Hour Comic Book Day) – Available April 2014. Written by AJ Herrera and illustrated by Justin White.

This issue shows the discovery and implementation in the ZKS home base know as The Afterlife.

ZKS: Sessions (24 Hour Comic Book Day) – Available April 2014. Written and inked by AJ Herrera and illustrated by Justin White.

A very special girl, one long day, and the surprise outcome of a very dreary story.  All in this one issue.

Alo and the Steam Nauts #0 Available April 2014.  Written by Esteban Sandoval and Marissa Dollins and illustrated by Wisdomheaven Garcia.

Meet the crew of the Brass Serpent and get to know all of the characters before joining then on their journey.

Alo and the Steam Nauts #1 Available April 2014.  Written by Esteban Sandoval and Marissa Dollins and illustrated by Wisdomheaven Garcia with inks by AJ Herrera.

The first issue sees the crew of the Brass Serpent as they begin their journey….and yours.

Forbidden Tales #1, #2(Anthology) Available March 2013 and March 2017. Various Artists.

Meet the Witch and she guides you through 3 very horrific and imaginative tales.

My Name Is John #1 Available April 2014. Written and illustrated by Sean Dortch with special amendments by Richard Duron and AJ Herrera.

Join John on his many adventures.  This book is for adults only.

 The Plagued:

The Plagued #1 & #2  & Vol 1 & Sketchbook– Written and drawn by Daniel Whitfield, Cover and letters by Camille Alaras.

When an airborne virus consumes the planet turning a tenth of the human population into flesh devouring monsters, life as everyone had known it was over. Family members turned on each other. People killed themselves in masses, and the world fell to the sick and the dead. Watch the infection spread as the world falls apart following the dead in Lives of the Dead. Written and drawn by Daniel Whitfield with the cover and letters done by Camille Alaras.

Volume 1 contains and never before seen special 24 hour comic book day story.

Draw Till It Bleeds:

Draw Till It Bleeds (Sketchbook) – Artist Richard Duron.

Richard Duron comes out the gates with his premier issue and debuts his new company, Krooked Smile Art.  This sketchbook features his artistic tribute to all the things that helped shaped his childhood and influenced his growth into the amazing artist he is today.

A Man Called Kraken Available March 2017. Written by Sean Belcher with art by Joey LaBartunek

This weird, sci-fantasy tale was created by Sean Belcher (writer) and Joey LaBartunek (artist), and can- maybe- described as somewhere between HP Lovecraft, Master’s of the Universe, and Conan the Barbarian. But that just scratches the surface of a story that is pure visual dynamite guaranteed to blow your eyes balls out of your head and send them bouncing around the room like a little rubber ball filled with nitroglycerin, exploding everything they hit!

Subject 242 Available March 2017. Written by AJ Herrera with are by Daniel Whitfield

From the deeply demented mind of writer AJ Herrera and featuring the creepy art of  Daniel Whitfield, Subject 242 was a project created during the 24 hr Comics Day. Both creators were locked inside a comic book store for 24 hours and challenged to write, draw and complete a full 24 page comic book. This book is 24 black and white pages with full color covers.  It is filled with violent images and not recommended for children.




In February 2011, Forbidden Panel became the proud creator and developer of the Inland Empire Comic Expo, an independent comic book convention. Held bi-annually at the historic Fox Theater in Redlands, California, IECE offers an equal display of vendors, gamers, cosplayers, comic books, and collectables. Complete with live bands and celebrity guests, the Inland Empire Comic Expo is a one day event filled with vendors and comic creators from all over the country.

Visit the IECE website for more information and vendor applications.

Forbidden Panel, Inc. is also a vendor, participant, and/or attendee at the following events:

24 Hour Comic Book Challenge

Alternative Press Expo

Claremont Packing House Comic Book and Collectibles Show

Free Comic Book Day

Geeks Con

Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention

San Diego Comic-Con


Phoenix Comicon


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