Well the rumors were true, Activision and Infinity Ward’s next title in the world’s most popular gaming franchise has scored the new title of “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare” and will include whole sections set in space.

‘Infinite Warfare’ has players taking on the role of a captain of their own warship who must take command against a relentless enemy. The entire campaign – from boots-on-ground combat to piloting high speed space-fighters – is said to occur as a “near seamless experience” with few visible loading times. Continue reading

Another year has FLOWN by and here we are back with another Free Comic Book Day celebration! This year is going to be an awesome event with some of our favorite artists back here for our 10th Anniversary!!  That’s right…10 whole years of comic goodness and its all thanks to you!

If you have been before you know the drill.. if you haven’t be prepared to be in line for a little while.. there are large crowds because EVERYONE LOVES COMICS!!!

The blood drive is happening this year again and we have a special “DONOR” Patch for people that donate.  You can sign up at the shop for an appointment or see the event link below for additional information!

Costume contests!! Yes we have them! you get to vote for you favorite costume people by giving them a special ticket that they collect! Tour vote matters.  We will have two different contests going.. one open to everyone 13 years and up and another open to the younger crowd (12 and under) sponsored by LEGO with LEGO Store gift cards for prizes (see event link below for more information!!)

With all this excitement already, what more could we do?? Well The 501st and Mandoloran Mercs will both be out here in full Star Wars regalia along with Agents of Cosplay with superheroes and villains galore!!

And to celebrate comics and our 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY we will be having a GIGANTIC SALE!!

So with all that I’m gonna say there is more coming and we will keep you updated… but make your plans to be at our FCBD event year!!

Thanks and see you soon!




Comic artist currently working on Ultimates with Marvel Comics. Past works have included DC Comics Superman and Teen Titans


2:00pm to 3:30PM
Founding member of Image Comics, Creator of Bishop. One of the best artists in the industry, He has worked for both Marvel and DC Comics!

Currently working on BATMAN with Greg Capullo and ALL STAR BATMAN with John Romita Jr Danny has inked many of the most iconic art of characters like Batman, Spawn and Wolverine

Dean White is a colorist who is currently working on ALL STAR BATMAN with John Romita Jr. He is well known for his work on Captain America, Kick Ass and Black Science!

Mick is an Eisner Award winning inker and has worked continuously for DC comics for over 25 years on projects such as Son Of Superman hardcover (J.H. Williams III), Promethea (J.H. Williams III), Batman Confidential (Rags Morales), , The JOKER hardcover (Lee Bermejo), Batman & Robin and Robin: Son of Batman (Patrick Gleason).

MAT NASTOS: Former Disney artist and writer, best Selling Science Fiction Author, TV/Film & fantasy writer/director, known best for bad horror movies about giant scorpions, wizards, killer pigs & dinosaurs in the sewers. Over his career, Mat has written or drawn for Marvel, DC, Elfquest, Cinemax, Disney, Star Wars, Walking Dead, and more. He is also the artist on 4 Color Fantasies custom Might Morphin Power Rangers #3  Cover

Name’s @johneink I am a #comiker. Currently creating Cholo Libre & Carlito Loco: Earthman. See my #art here http:// johneink.tumblr.com

A3 Publishing artist/writer currently working on the web comics Book of Red The Dark Crusader & Been Better

James Ninness graduated from Cal State University Long Beach with a degree in English: Creative Writing, which means almost nothing. He has a wife, two kids, and two dogs, which means a great deal more. His patronus is Gene Hackman. www.jamesninness.com @jamesninness

Luis Escobar is currently a storyboard artist for The Simpsons TV show. He’s been on the show since 1993 and has also done Character layout, and animation for them. He also teaches people who don’t think they have drawing talent, to draw over at www.thedrawingwebsite.com.

Josh Trujillo is a comic book writer based in Los Angeles. He has had stories published through Northwest Press and Archaia Entertainment, among others. His current series is Love Machines, exploring the relationship between romance and technology.

Dean Rullan aka Redinkedpanda illustrator and co creator of LET IT BURN and collaborating with another creator for a monthly zine called “Night-o-zine”

Jay Salce, local artist, inspired by popculture and fan of the 80s. current projects include co-creating and artist for an original comic book called “BloodRed” and off the wall action western with writer and brother Chris Salce Chris Salce is a pop culture freelance writer,reporter and critic. Current projects include an original comiccbook with his brother Jay called BloodRed.

Justin White Artist for ZKS, Panelists & Forbidden Tales. Owner Necro-Sapien Press

Artist/creator or The Plagued and The Lost Viking.  He is head of production and artist for Forbidden Tales.

AJ Herrera -Creator/Founder for Forbidden Panel. Writer for ZKS Zombie Kill Squad & Inker for Alo & The Steamnauts


Geo found that medium in one of his first artistic loves, comic books. Starting with his first character and from there, the formation of an entire universe of characters had begun. The stories and creations Geo had were now forming in this perfect art form.

Now Geo has collected a series of those stories in comic book form. With his passion for horror and fantasy, the stories he can and will tell are unbound as indy-comic books and graphic novels done his way. 


Illustrator * Jedi Master Patrick is the creator of Super Siblings a comic strip for geeks and their kids. He is also a contributor to Aw Yeah comics created by Art and Franco.

Gavin Andazola is the writer/creator of “The Stone Legacy” comic book. He enjoys watching movies, television and reading and pop culture. At the age of thirteen he began creating his own comics until he decided to gain a background in Literature and English at Cal State Fullerton to further his craft. The first issue of his indie comic was released in 2009 and currently has six issues available. Follow Gavin on Twitter @Thestonelegacy
SAT MAY 7 11a-4p  
4 Color Fantasies Squar Color Logo
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We had our first art show exhibiting Star Wars Pop Art and will shortly be announcing our next art event!


A3 Publishing is a local publishing company focusing on highlighting the local talent of So California.
They will be doing free sketches for the first 50 people to come to their booth


Custom Cover publisher Comics & Ponies will be giving away special books

Street Team will be here giving away HOT 103.9 gear!! 

Come meet Tremor, the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes Mascot!!

Get your Quakes Schedule and find out about special events

501st LEGION

A small contingent of Vader’s fist will be joining us as part of FCBD for the 8th year! Make sure you get your Star Wars on!


More Star Wars fun! Madalorian Mercs will be here posing for pictures throughout the day!


The leader of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers here in celebration of our 4 Color Fantasies Exclusive MMPR # 3 Cover!!


Heroes and Villains of cos-play from our friends at AGENTS OF COSPLAY


All fun aside, we ask that you take a few moments to give.  Please call and make an appointment
or sign up in the store
All Donors will get a Free FCBD Donor Patch and 5 extra books, plus be entered into winning prizes only available to Donors.

That’s right! the fun only stops at 4pm when the bounce house gets deflated!
Always a blast of fun for the kids (and smaller adults too)

Saturday May 7 11am to 4pm
4 Color Fantasies
8045 Archibald Ave #120
Rancho Cucamonga CA 91730
1 – 855 – MYCOMIC (692-6642)


DC has done a solid job over the last few years with their direct to video animated features. Granted, there have been exceptions here and there and the stories just don’t work now and again, but Justice League vs. Teen Titans isn’t one of the exceptions. I know that others may disagree, but from my standpoint, it accomplished everything that it should.

Continue reading

It looks like the next game in the “Call of Duty” franchise not only has a name, but a setting and a major added bonus.

Ahead of a formal announcement rumored to be made next week, leaked promotional material on the PlayStation Store (via Polygon) indicated that this year’s entry in the world’s biggest video game series will be titled “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare” and could shift the game’s setting to space. Continue reading

Nintendo’s next console, codenamed the NX, will launch in March 2017, Nintendo said today in a financial earnings announcement. Furthermore, it will not be showing the console at E3 2016 in June. Continue reading

Millar's "Jesus," "Supercrooks" Adapted

Waypoint Entertainment have acquired the rights to two comic properties by “Kick-Ass” and “Kingsman” creator Mark Millar.

The first is “American Jesus” which follows a twelve-year-old boy who realizes he is the second coming of Jesus Christ who has returned to Earth in the present day in an effort to save mankind.

The second is “Supercrooks,” a heist story about eight super-villains forced out of retirement in an attempt to rob the world’s most notorious crime boss.

Ken Kao, Dan Kao, Russell Ackerman and John Schoenfelder are set to produce.

Batman: The Killing Joke – Official Trailer by BatmanNewsCom

Yahoo has premiered the first official trailer for Batman: The Killing Joke, the upcoming animated movie from Warner Bros. based on the popular graphic novel.

A fan-made trailer went viral on the internet a few weeks ago, but it was just an edit of footage from a 10 minute featurette about Batman: The Killing Joke from theJustice League vs. Teen Titans Blu-ray. The trailer embedded above is the real deal!

Batman: The Killing Joke has officially been rated R for “some bloody images and disturbing content”. It hits Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD later this summer.


Boot Hill RPG Logo

Boot Hill is full of fellows who pulled their triggers without aiming”

It was early 1988, I was staying over at my friend Dan’s house for the night. Normally we would spend the entire night trying to rescue Princess Zelda, but this time was different. Dan and I had played D&D before but he wasn’t part of my regular group of D&D friends and we usually only played nintendo together. Dan and I were friends because our moms were friends and he went to a different school, so we really only hung out when our moms did. Continue reading

Guys, I seriously don’t even know what to say right now, so I’m just going to paste in some facts and some photos.

Prince_1999_single Continue reading

Join AJ and Anthony as they cover the news from the past 2 weeks.  Hardcore_(2015_film)


Then Anthony gives his review for Hardcore Henry while AJ talks about his experience seeing the Jungle Book at the El Capitan.



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