Fanboy HQ to host a Panel at Phoenix Comic Con

Have you ever been at convention and seen something cool going on or wondered where someone got an awesome piece of SWAG? There are several people that feel the same way. A con can be an overwhelming place, especially with the increase in crowds at shows over the past couple years. That’s why the guys from Fanboy Headquarters, Martin Bright and Jose Soria have put together the “How to Survive a Comic Con” panel for the 2012 Phoenix ComiCon.

The panel will include tips and tricks to navigate exhibit halls, waiting in long lines comfortably, and tracking down those elusive comic book artists & writers. These guys have it down to a science. The panel will have tips, stories, laughs, attendee questions, and costume changes. PLUS, there will be giveaways!

Martin and Jose mentioned that they are often asked for advice at conventions and that gave them the idea for the panel. You can check out their blog at where they report on shows, expos, and cons all over the western U.S. as well as comic book news, movies, and video games. They hope to take this panel to other conventions and get more people educated on surviving comic cons.