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Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and director Chris Nolan from “The Dark Knight Rises” turned up at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday to introduce new footage from the film."Knight Rises" Runtime, Clip, Riddler

Warners however has swiftly been pulling Youtube and video rips of the broadcast from the Net as fast as they’ve gone up, though low-res copies are still viewable if you search and it’s pretty epic.

Meanwhile Collider came across an apparent runtime listing for the film on the official AMC site.

The website lists “The Dark Knight Rises” coming in at a whopping 165 minutes (2hrs 45min), 12 minutes longer than the 153 minute runtime of “The Dark Knight”, which itself was 12 minutes longer than “Batman Begins” at 141 minutes.

After their success with the six-film “Avengers” marathon screenings, it’s no surprise that AMC has announced a Dark Knight Marathon for the evening of July 19th with back-to-back screenings of all three Nolan-directed Bat films. Tickets for that go on sale from June 11th from AMC Theatres.

Finally today, scribe David S. Goyer revealed in a recent interview with Empire that after “The Dark Knight” came out, Warner execs were thinking of getting Leonardo DiCaprio to play The Riddler in ‘Rises’ until Nolan decided on using Bane as the villain.

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