PanelCast Episode #209

Our joint podcast!! Krooked Smile Kollectibles and Forbidden Panel officially collaborate to bring you some in depth toy reviews as well as some history of our collections.

To avoid confusion, Forbidden Panel has been and will always been a collection of like minded individuals gathered to bring you the best of multiple worlds. We have artists and creators from different companies working with us on comics and podcasts as well as writing articles and social media. We do this to provide you with different points of view as well as different styles of art to help cover more than just one side of whatever story you may be reading.

PanelCast is one of those collaborations. While the home site of may be home to the original PanelCast, we are using to banner to bring you a new journey into not only our toy collecting, but our toy therapy as well.

Yes, you may see us cross posting the same thing on our channels and sites but, that’s just to help spread the word. The more people we reach to more people we get to work with and that excites us more than anything.

So please, like and subscribe to both our channels and benefit from our literal decades of geek knowledge.

Who knows, it may inspire you to create something of your own and share it with us.