Press Release April 2014

Forbidden Panel is excited to announce our new books for release at Wondercon 2014!!

Afterlife cover                      

ZKS: Afterlife was written and drawn by AJ Herrera and Justin White while participating in their second 24 Hour Comic Book Day.   An introduction to ZKS and their humble beginnings, this book introduces us to how their base was obtained and their mission began.


ZKS: Sessions is a story written and inked by AJ Herrera and Illustrated by Justin White. Completed during the annual 24 Hour Comic Book Day.  This is the story of a very special girl and a very long day. 

We are going full steam ahead with our newest addition to Forbidden Panel!

Alo #0

Alo and the Steam Nauts #0 is our first introduction of the Brass Serpent crew before joining them on their epic journeys to come. This comic was created and written by Esteban Sandoval and Marissa Dollins with Illustrations by Wisdomheaven Garcia, inked by AJ Herrera.

Alo #1

Alo and the Steam Nauts #1 is the first of many adventurous journeys for the crew of the Brass Serpent. This steampunk inspired comic was written by Esteban Sandoval and Marissa Dollins with visions of airships and ray guns in their heads.  Creatively illustrated by Wisdomheaven Garcia and inked by AJ Herrera.  This will be a journey you won’t want to end.

My Name Is John

My Name is John #1 From the creatively twisted mind of creator [wb_fb_f name=”Sean Dortch” id=”1187775003″]  comes a comic of unusual and bizarre adventures.  John is a lonely boy that finds his real life is almost as strange as the world created in his head.  This is not a book for the young.   In addition AJ Herrera and Richard Duron have brought their own twistedly artistic contributions in to John’s world.

All books will be available at Wondercon 2014 in Anaheim April 18th, 19th, and 20th 2014. Come check us out at Booth 511 on the exhibitor floor.

All books will also be available for digital download on our store on April 17th.

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