As the calendar flipped over to July, the geek community surged with energy as all eyes — and a lot of people — move toward San Diego for Comic-Con International (July 21-24, with Preview Night on July 20).

Many of those gazes will be keyed in on the event’s many exclusives, the latest of which you can peep below!

quantum mechanix sdcc aquaman

QUANTUM MECHANIX | Like peanut butter and jelly, the sea king and Cthulhu just work well together, as you can see in Quantum Mechanix’s Aquaman Q-Fig Max Figure. Available at the show and also through the site during the event, it represents the first in a series with larger-scale dioramas!

DST SDCC Clark Kent BustDST SDCC Dark Knight BustDST SDCC Joker BustDST SDCC Harley Statue

DST SDCC Gold Enterprise

DIAMOND SELECT TOYS | In May, DST unveiled a lot of exclusives, but just this week the company showed off five more. The latest batch includes the Clark Kent “Superman: The Animated Series” bust, the muddy Dark Knight bust, “Mad Love” Harley Quinn statue and Joker “Almost Got ‘Im” black-and-white busts from “Batman: The Animated Series” and the Gold USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A.

hasbro sdcc transformers joe crossoverhasbro sdcc transformers joe crossover zartanhasbro sdcc transformers joe crossover scarlethasbro sdcc star wars black series obi-wan

hasbro sdcc transformers joe crossover powerglide rattlerhasbro sdcc transformers joe crossover soundwave hiss tank

HASBRO | Just before putting the final touches on this column, Hasbro sent out one more SDCC exclusive, the “Star Wars” Black Series Obi-Wan Kenobi pack. The 6-inch robed figure one comes two lightsabers, Leia hologram, robe and light-up table. Meanwhile, two of the most beloved franchises from the ’80s come together once again: G.I. Joe and Transformers. This year’s setwill include figures of Scarlett and Zartan as well as a Soundwave-themed H.I.S.S. Tank and a Rattler designed to look like Powerglide. All that comes in a great box with original art featuring all four characters!

kotobukiya sdcc bishoujo deadpoolkotobukiya sdcc bishoujo deadpool

KOTOBUKIYA | Lady Deadpool looks ready to roll her way into the con thanks to this KotobukiyaBishoujo exclusive. This new version comes with a new head sculpt, oversized SDCC and Koto bags, badge, lanyard and a gyro!

gentle giant sdcc batman prototypegentle giant sdcc superman prototypegentle giant sdcc luke blondegentle giant sdcc luke brown

GENTLE GIANT | Gentle Giant has big plans for SDCC. Four of the company’s exclusives all fit in the retro oversized medium based on old-school Kenner figures. Prototype versions of Super Powers Superman and Batman will be available as well as blonde and brown haired versions of Farmboy Luke Skywalker!

funko sdcc hair bair bluefunko sdcc hair bair purplefunko sdcc hair bair brownfunko sdcc batman v superman doomsday

funko sdcc nightmare before christmas pajama jackfunko sdcc chef deadpool dorbzfunko sdcc arrow merlynfunko sdcc banana splits bingo

funko sdcc banana splits snorkyfunko sdcc game of thrones dorbz 3-packfunko sdcc golden five nights at freddy'sfunko sdcc purple rock candy catwoman

funko sdcc chrome batmobilefunko sdcc gorilla groddfunko sdcc cowboy deadpoolfunko sdcc suicide squad underwater batman

funko sdcc patriotic snoopyfunko sdcc game of thrones magfunko sdcc pete's dragonfunko sdcc izombie liv

funko sdcc stan lee dorbzfunko sdcc x-men dorbz 3-packfunko sdcc indiana jonesfunko sdcc world of pop vol 5

funko sdcc freddy's buggyfunko sdcc thumb's up bb-8funko sdcc han solo bowcaster

FUNKO | Finally, Funko continues to produce wave after wave of exclusives for the show. The fifth includes brown, purple and blue versions of Hair Bear, Pajama Jack from “Nightmare Before Christmas,” the Chef Deadpool Dorbz, a 6-inch Doomsday from “Batman v Superman” and a Malcolm Merlyn from “Arrow.”

Wave 6 features a variety of vehicles including Bingo and Snorky from “Banana Splits” and Batman in a chrome Batmobile. Other offerings include Cowboy Deadpool, golden Freddy, purple-suited Rock Candy Catwoman, a “Game of Thrones” Dorbz 3-pack and a 6-inch Grodd from “The Flash.”

The next batch includes a 6-inch Mag the Mighty from “Game of Thrones,” Patriotic Snoopy, a “Pete’s Dragon” 2-pack, Underwater Batman from “Suicide Squad,” Olivia Moore of “iZombie” fame, a Stan Lee Dorbz and the fifth volume of “World of Pop.”

The (at this point) final round features an X-Men Dorbz 3-pack, “Force Awakens” Han Solo with Chewie’s bowcaster, “thumb’s up” BB-8, Indiana Jones and Funko Freddy’s Ride!

Source: LOOK: SDCC Exclusives From Hasbro, Gentle Giant & More!