Spooky Movie Month Day #2 – Attack of the Killer Donuts

October 2nd, 2023

Tonight’s quality entertainment came at the Dragon’s request;

Attack of the Killer Donuts

He saw a commercial for it and couldn’t stop laughing. He literally begged me to watch it because he didn’t want to watch something that was actually scary today. I read the reviews, prepped them and let them know there were several “inappropriate parts” that we would be skipping, when necessary, if they got too bad. 

A mad scientist living in his sister’s basement creates a serum that accidentally finds its way into the oil vats of a small town’s local doughnut shop, creating man-eating killer doughnuts.

The movie was ridiculous, inappropriate, low-budget, crude and straight up bizarre in every way we would expect a horror movie about killer doughnuts to be and we loved it. Was it appropriate for kids? Meeehhh…. probably not entirely… but the inappropriate parts were quick (too quick for me to grab the controller and fast-forward in time) and everyone *mostly* kept their clothes on and in the world of B-rated horror, that’s actually impressive.

Dragon thought the “naughty parts” were hilarious while Lion quickly grabbed a phone to distract them from having to look at the TV. There were no “unclothed” scenes, just a few where characters were obviously, as Lion put it, “being stupid and inappropriate”, and quite a few innuendos went over their heads, which was a good thing.

The final reviews; Dragon thought it was hilarious and “death by diarrhea” had them laughing nonstop. The Lion’s only real comment was “it was… interesting…?”.

1 thumb up and one down for both, neither will ever watch it again.

Mostly because mom said so. 

What’s up next? Stay tuned to this frequency and find out!