Ever Wonder What Zombie Tastes Like? Zombie Toss Now Available for Android and iOS Devices

G-Gee by GMO and Flying Wisdom Studios Infect Android and iOS Devices with Zombie Toss

The Zombie Apocalypse: Horrific? Gory? Hopeless? More like DELICIOUS!

 G-Gee by GMO a publisher for mobile interactive entertainment, in partnership with Flying Wisdom Studios, today announced that the delightfully delicious swipe and slash game, Zombie Toss is now available on the Google Play, Amazon App Store, and Apple App Store.

Don’t let the look and smell fool you, those brain-starved zombies taste great in a red wine sauce, ground into a burger, or even tossed in a salad. It wasn’t until food supplies were exhausted that we discovered just how good zombies taste. Collect delectable zombie meat using machetes, boomerangs, chainsaws, helicopters, and remote-controlled flying cyborg sharks in this multi-level undead epic. And if you can survive the experience, there might just be a nice warm zombie pie in it for you.

Developed by Flying Wisdom Studios, Zombie Toss is a dark, quirky, and mouth-watering tale of survival that takes place during the zombie apocalypse. Players will travel across 4 chapters and 30 levels in a zombie-eat-human, human-eat-zombie world, and use the touch pad to hack, slash, chop, maim, blast, roast, and essentially puree the undead into a last-resort meal.

Zombies of all shapes, sizes, and flavors are waiting to spring forth and feast upon sweet human flesh, and it is going to take a lot more than a dull butter knife from Mom’s kitchen to subdue and filet some of these crafty zombies. With a little practice, players will be bringing home the [zombie] bacon and collecting Cash which they can cash in for weapon upgrades, new weapons, and powerful new Super Attacks that will turn all zombies on the screen into piping hot piles of meat. It will take culinary precision and a steady hand, but those with the hunger…those who want it so bad they can taste it…those who are driven mad to see it wasted will turn the zombie apocalypse into a veritable Smörgåsbord!

Zombie Toss Features:

* 4 chapters and 30 levels of swipe and slash zombie mayhem

* Multiple zombie types, each with their own strengths and weaknesses

* Hack and slash through Story Mode or see how long you can last in Survival Mode

* Collect a massive arsenal of weaponry, including: blades, guns and Super Attacks

* Earn Cash and upgrade your weapons to hone your culinary craft

* Use Super Attacks to trigger helicopter strikes, tank assaults and flying cyber shark attacks!

Zombie Toss is available now on the Google Play, Amazon App Store for Android devices, and the Apple App Store, for use with the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

For more information on Zombie Toss, visit the official Flying Wisdom Studios site at www.flyingwisdomstudios.com and follow them on Twitter @FlyingWisdom, and like G-Gee by GMO on Facebook at facebook.com/GGeebyGMO and follow G-Gee by GMO on Twitter @GGEEbyGMO.