Shots From The Studio #3


So for this weeks segment of Shots from the Studio I’d like to turn the spotlight on one of my favorite aspects of being a freelance illustrator and at times one of the most frustrating, commissions.
One of the great things about doing art commissions is working with different people and getting to stretch artistic muscles you don’t normally get to stretch. On the other hand one of the downsides can be…working with people.

I count myself very lucky that for the most part I’ve had a really great clientele. Most of my clients like my work and trust my judgment when they commission a piece from me. But every once in awhile you’ll get a client that doesn’t really know what they want or doesn’t know how to express what they want and they expecting me to read their minds. Here are some of my favorite commissions that I’ve done over the years. Some were for good friends, some were for people who became friends and some were for people that I’ve never met in the flesh. Hope you enjoy.