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Our event will take place from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and our website info can be found here.

List of Talents and Events:

– PHILIP TAN (DC Comics: Savage Hawkman, He-Man & Masters of Universe)

– STERLING GATES (DC Comics: Hawk & Dove, Flashpoint Kid Flash)

– DAN PANOSIAN (DC Comics/Image: GI Combat, Conan)

– BERNARD CHANG (DC Comics: Demon Knights)

– VINCE HERNANDEZ (Aspen Comics: Fathom Kiani)

– DANNY MIKI (Marvel/Crimelab Syndicate: Avengers Assemble, Fearless, Incredible Hulk)

– ALLEN MARTINEZ (Marvel/Crimelab Syndicate: Hulk, X-Men Legacy, Iron Man Legacy)

– DEAN WHITE (Marvel: Kick Ass, Uncanny X-Force)

– RICHARD ISANOVE (Marvel: Dark Tower)

– MARCO GALLI (Marvel/Crimelab Syndicate: Venom, Artifacts, Forgotten Realms)

– MICHAEL ALAN NELSON (Boom Studios: Valen Outcast, 28 Days Later)

– CHRIS “DOC” WYATT (Arcana: Creepsville -coming soon)

– SHAWN DePASQUALE (Arcana: Space, MN graphic novel)

– ERIK HENDRIX (Arcana: SideShows Graphic Novel)

– JOHN NARCOMEY (Draw Hard Comics: Dust, Smart Bullets)

– JAMES NINNESS (Semantink: Dust, Mythos, The Undergrounds)

– JOE PEZZULA (Semantink: Sim-I, The Undergrounds)

– MICHAEL FOUNTAIN (Semantink: Drace Grey, The Undergrounds)

– DANIEL TOUCHET (Semantink: Sim-I, The Undergrounds)

– MARCEL LOSADA (Semantink: The Undergrounds)

– JULIAN AGUILERA (Coat of Arms Comics: Blackbeard, Jurassic Strike Force)

– KI KIM (Crimelab Syndicate)

– AJ HERRERA (Forbidden Panel: ZKS)

– JUSTIN WHITE (Forbidden Panel: ZKS)

– DANIEL WHITFIELD (Forbidden Panel: The Plagued)

– CAMILLE ALARAS (Forbidden Panel: The Plagued)

– JR LOPEZ (Forbidden Panel: El Super Maximo)

– LOU GUEVARA (Forbidden Panel: Blackjack Slappers)


– JIMMY PURCELL (Been Better Comic)

– KIRK KUSHIN (Forcewerks: OZopolis)

– DAN MENDOZA (Toxiccandie) www.zombiegirl


– DANI DIXON (Tumbleweed Press: M.I.S.//ing)

– STEPHANIE LESNIAK (Scraps Pictures: Blazin Brandy)

– ROBERT ZAILO (Local Artist)

– ART LOPEZ (Arte Cabalturo: Mexican American Tribal Pop Art)

– GRIM KING (Local Artist: Fantasy and SciFi Art)

– AUBREY MIRANDA (Local Artist)

– GEO BRAWN (Brawn Graphix Designs: Everdance)

Charitable Event

FANBOYS vs ZOMBIES Dunk Booth benefitting CBLDF

Come fight back the zombie horde while donating to a worthy cause.. but wait you don’t throw softballs at zombies.. WE HAVE THE POWER OF THOR to conquer them!

Blood Drive for Lifestream (All donors get EVERY free comic available)

Main Event – Wrestling!!!

Join 4 Color Fantasies and EWA Wrestling for the fun and chaos of professional wrestling!!

Demos to be held all day

Costume characters from:

– Star Wars 501st Legion “Vader’s Fist”

– Cobra Nightwatch (GI Joe)

– Inland Empire Fan Force Star Wars fan club

– DC, Marvel Characters including Batman, Flash, Green Lantern

Community Partners

– Rancho Cucamonga Library
Library cards and kids programs

– Mobeck Farmers Insurance
M.I.L.K. Child Loss Prevention kits

– Edwards Ontario 22 Palace
Raffle movie passes and posters











All at 4 Color Fantasies in Rancho Cucamonga!!

Thought everyone would want to see these for this summer’s mash up of super macho guys (and a girl!) in action in The Expendables 2. Opens August 17, 2012 in theaters everywhere.

Last year Fanboy Headquarters had the chance to check out the Phoenix ComiCon for the first time and could not believe how big the show was. Think “San Diego Comic Con” without nearly as much drama and chaos. You can visit with comics industry talent, pick up S.W.A.G., attend any large number of panels, and even see some of pop cultures biggest celebrities. Their 2012 show is going to be even bigger with 100s of hours more programming, lower prices on guest photo opportunities and tons of special events. Ever been to a Nerd Prom? Played a real life version of Plants vs. Zombies? How about taken a photo with the entire cast of Star Trek: Next Generation? Seen a sketch off with some of comics top talent? There is even going to be special programming for the youngest fanboys and fangirls. Whether you like anime, sci-fi, comics, zombies, pirates, steampunk or anything else you can imagine, this is your show. And best of all, its on a holiday weekend, so its perfect for a long-weekend vacation. Check out the official news release below and the convention website for more details on the show. And if you do make it out to the show, come check out Fanboy Headquarters at the “How to Survive Comic Con” panel!

Click below to read the rest of the article.

via Fanboy Headquarters: Phoenix ComiCon is only a month away!.

The annual CinemaCon formerly ShoWest is taking place in Las Vegas this week showcasing the upcoming film slates of the major studios along with new theatrical exhibition technologies.

Christopher Nolan was on hand to showcase a reel of disconnected scenes from “The Dark Knight Rises”. The big news from reports on the footage is that concerns over Tom Hardys voice are pretty much over – either the new sound mix or additional ADR has resulted in the Bane dialogue now sounding much clearer.


Along with wide shots of mass riots, bridges exploding, and the Tumbler in action, much of the preview showcases an ill and/or injured Bruce Wayne recovering. Theres also Bruce making out with Marion Cotillards character, Anne Hathaways Selina Kyle working in disguise as a maid at Wayne Manor, and some interaction between Batman and Catwoman.

The reaction to the Knight footage seemed to be unanimously positive. The new trailer though was NOT screened, that trailer is making its debut on U.S. cinema screens next Friday with “The Avengers”.


via CinemaCon: “Dark Knight Rises” Footage | News | Dark Horizons.

Fox has set the first series project for its Saturday latenight animation block skedded to bow early next year.

'Axe Cop'

The network has acquired rights to the Internet vid phenom “Axe Cop,” which revolves around an ax-wielding police officer and his loyal allies. The plan is to order six 15-minute installments of the series for the Animation Domination HD block that Fox hopes to launch in the first quarter, with the shows running on air and on digital platforms.

Nick Weidenfeld, head of Animation Domination HD, said he sees the initial episode order as a pilot of sorts, allowing them to figure out the heart of the show. Hes now looking for a writer to adapt the concept created in 2010 by Malachai Nicolle, who was then 5 years old, and his adult brother Ethan Nicolle.

Weidenfeld, a former Adult Swim exec, had his eye on “Axe Cop” from the time he started scouting properties for Animation Domination HD earlier this year. The segs will be produced directly through Animation Domination, which is housed at the Fox network.

“Its rare that you find something that feels both so new in its tone and content but also so fully formed,” he said. “To me it was very clear that Axe Cop has potential to be a larger franchise.

“Weidenfeld at present is eyeing a handful of other properties in the hopes of getting at least three other properties ready to go in series form for the launch next year. The block will also be peppered with short-form animation pieces as it builds up to more series, he said.

The Nicolles were repped in the deal by Gotham Group, Surge Licensing and attorney Joel VanderKloot of Nelson Davis Wetzstein.

via Fox sets Axe Cop for late toon block – Entertainment News, TV News, Media – Variety.

Brad Peyton “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island” is set to rewrite and direct the live action adaptation of the DC Comics title “Lobo” for Warner Bros. Pictures reports Deadline.

In the comics, Lobo is an alien interstellar bounty hunter. The seven-foot tall, blue-skinned, indestructible and heavily muscled anti-hero drives a pimped out motorcycle, and lands on Earth in search of four fugitives who are bent on wreaking havoc.Brad Peyton To Helm "Lobo" Adaptation

Lobo teams with a small town teenaged girl to stop the creatures. Joel Silver, Akiva Goldsman and Andrew Rona will produce.

The project has been in development for several years with Guy Ritchie previously attached to direct.

via Brad Peyton To Helm “Lobo” Adaptation | News | Dark Horizons.


As you may have heard, there has been a recent outbreak of the “Undead Feline Virus” or UFV, for short. As of yet, there is no cure forUFV. Therefore, we ask the people be extremely cautious. If you see a cat, please assess the situation thoroughly before interacting with it. Look for the following traits:

  • Darting eyes
  • Long periods of little to no movement
  • Low, guttural noises
  • Destructive tendencies, such as knocking things over or scratching furniture
  • Seemingly supernatural hearing abilities when it comes to bags of cat food being opened

If you notice one or all of these traits, be warned: you are definitely dealing with a cat. How do you tell if it’s a cat infected with UFV? How the heck should we know? We’re staying away from the whole friggin’ species. Do you think we want to risk our lives? C’mon! We’re not stupid!

shirt.woot! :: Hang In There

After their success with “The Walking Dead”, AMC is putting another Robert Kirkman comic adaptation in the works – “Thief of Thieves” reports The Live Feed.AMC Adapting "Thief of Thieves"

The story centers on a master thief who vows to walk the straight and narrow, only to discover he’s completely addicted to the thrill of stealing. He now feeds his addiction by stealing only what has been stolen, and attempts to reconcile with his estranged wife and son.

Speaking of Dead, Lauren Cohan has been promoted to a series regular on the upcoming third season of AMCs “The Walking Dead”. The actress played Maggie, the fierce daughter of former farm owner Hershel, in the second season.

via AMC Adapting “Thief of Thieves” | News | Dark Horizons.

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