Phoenix Comic Con 2015 got under way on Thursday and ran strong throughout the weekend. This was my first trip to Phoenix Comic Con and I had ideas as to what I could expect in my head before ever arriving. I have to say that there were more than a few surprises for me. The first one that I noticed was the sheer size of the Convention. It sprawled over 4 floors and expanded out to salons and ballrooms in two further buildings. The second was the amount of programming that was on offer including an entire area dedicated to anime every day. The next surprise was the sheer number of people that were in attendance. My biggest surprise was the large number of people cosplaying anime characters. From my observations, it was almost a 1-for-1 for people cosplaying anime characters and those cosplaying comic book characters.

The convention turned out to be more than simply a comic book based event. After attending Star Wars Celebration recently, perhaps my perspective was shifted a bit, but I was amused at the number of people proudly representing other segments of geekdom. Rather than reading my thoughts on the whole thing, how about you just check out some pictures of some of the anime cosplayers that I came across. I can identify every character and show represented. Can you?

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