So this week saw the beginning of the Fall season.  As much as I enjoy the summer season of tv shows I am always glad when the regular season starts back up.  Summer season is always full of nothing to watch and shows trying to stretch out their longevity.

First up was Big Bang Theory.  I love this show and if you haven’t been watching it then you should be.  The first episode did a great job of picking up where the last season ended.  Funny as all hell.

Watched Heroes.  Now this season looks like it might actually be decent.  With the inclusion of Robert Knepper and Ray Park it looks like we may actually get good storylines.

Caught the new Castle as well.  I really dig this show as I am a fan of Nathan Fillion and it’s nice to see him on a show that actually has a second season.  Plus, being a book nut helps as well.

Finally got Ep #39 of the PanelCast up.  It was painful for me to edit because I could hear how sick we were on the show and felt it made for a bad show.  But still I put it up in hopes of it inspiring us to put on a better show for our 40th ep.

So, Chris Brady of 4 Color Fantasies and John Narcomey of High Tower Comics and I started working on a new project called Geeks Place.  It’s basically just a weekly video podcast of the 3 of us geeking out over random topics.  We shot the second one last night.  As it turns out we will be using it as the first episode since our first try failed horribly.  It’s a lot of fun doing and we all love having someone to geek out with.  It should be done editing soon and will be up on all of our prospective sites.

24 Hour Comic day is coming up.  If you are unfamiliar with it, please, allow me to explain.  Basically it’s a group of comic book pros getting together for 24 hours to create comics.  It’s set up with teams of 2. The writer writes 24 scripts while the artist draws 24 strips.  After which we submit it and have it published.  It should be a blast.  It’s a world wide event where tons of shops host while creators come out to participate.  Forbidden Panel will be at 4 Color Fantasies in Rancho Cucamonga and we invite you all to come out and show some support.  Hopefully we won’t be to wiped out as we all have to sit in one location for 24 hours and do all of this.  Be sure to bring us some coffee heh.  It will be a lot of fun and it will be our first outing in such a fashion.  Tons of people signing and drawing and such.

Well that’s all I got for this week.  Catch up with everyone soon.

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