I spent this week playing God Of War 3.  Wow.  What an amazing game.  They really pulled out all the stops on this one.

Many many many moons ago I started playing God Of War on the ps2.  I was immediately impressed with the game-play and cinematics of the game.  With an in-depth well thought out story line and perfectly cast voice acting, it was hard to not become engrossed in this game.  They took what was basically a button mashing third person action/adventure game and added layers upon layers of style.  I beat the game in 2 days.

Soon after saw the release of God Of War 2.  I was afraid that it would be found wanting as so many other game sequels such as the Devil May Cry series.  Nope.  This game took what was already a perfect gaming engine and actually improved on it without losing any of the style or panache of the original.  Once again we joined Kratos on his journey to extract revenge on those that would deny him 1 nights sleep without any nightmares.  They added better cinematics and more weapons to complete a package that reminded us all why we loved the first game.  It was a perfect companion.  I beat the game in 3 days.

This week saw the release of God Of War 3.  This would be the finale of the series and promised to take advantage of all the hardware improvements found in the PS3.  Holy crap they weren’t kidding.  This game is EPIC.

The first thing you notice is the graphics.  Crisp, clean, sharp, detailed images flood the screen it 1080p/bluray glory.  I found myself just staring at the screen and noticing the in-depth detail that they lavished on this game.

The gameplay was just as fluid as ever.  With the seemles integration of the QTE’s and game-play there is never a dull moment.

Voice acting, wow.  Staring the likes of TC Carson, Rip Torn, Kevin Sorbo and Malcolm Mcdonald, they really managed to pull out all of the stops with this.  Rip Torns character of Hephaestus was my favorite.

Storyline..well they really brought it this time.  You felt like you were right there with Kratos, sharing his emotions and will to fight.

Hands down this game has to be one of the best that I have ever played.  It reminded me as to why I choose the PS3 over the 360.  It was a perfect ending to the series and I for one will be sad to know that there will not be another in the series.

If you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and pick up this game.  You will not regret it I promise.

BTW, this one took me 4 days to beat hehe.

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