June 18, 2012

Greetings Gamers!

First, let me say, thank you for swinging by to see what this gamer-geek has to say about games and gadgets that are out there now and what will be coming soon. So, to discuss the “elephant in the room”, who the heck is Andrea and why is she writing about games and WHY do I want to read them??  Well, I’m so glad you asked. Besides the obligatory requirement of being a life long gamer–yes, I remember playing on an Atari and Commodore 64 way back in the day–I also have been writing about games for awhile. I was the Tech Editor and Game Writer for LA Canvas magazine and website for about a year (before they got rid of tech and gaming) and then wrote as a Contributing Writer for www.ripten.com. But the piece de resistance, I also wrote for Forbidden Panel not too long ago, but took a break to finish my bachelor degree in Game Design.


I’ve created my own games, which you can check out at www.andreajemmes.com and have interned at Floor 84 Games and Disney Interactive Studios.  Sorry, kids, I won’t be able to discuss specifics on the games that I worked on here but I will discuss what it’s like to be a game designer, my take on games and any gadgets that are geeky and innovative.


Please feel free to contact me if there is something that you want me to review or talk about. I’ll check with my sources and see what I can drum up and I’ll spread the word and start the discussion!


This should be a good time, my fellow gamer-geeks. So, saddle up, strap in and enjoy the ride!!


Game On—-Andrea
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