So, after my splurge of  reading, mostly in the form of The Science Of Superheroes and the fantastic Mark Waid series Incorruptible and Irredeemable and the amusing but kinda lackluster Pinocchio: Vampire Hunter, I find myself not knowing were to turn next for my comic reading.  I suppose I can finally catch up on Brian Wood’s DMZ. Really I should do this since it is a really fine comic full of subtlety and some bloody fantastic writing. At 60 some odd issues I just realized I am not even halfway through the series.

However, I did want to turn to our fans here at FP and find out what you absolutely think must be read. I don’t care how obscure it is, I will read it. Also, I have been thinking about reading some of the comicbook / superhero based fiction out there, so if you know of any of those books that have tickled your fancy then point me toward those as well. I am also planning on getting The Science Of Supervillains in the hopes that I may be able to fulfill my dream of gaining some sort of dark powers.

Also on the agenda, The Geek Girls podcast. I have recorded another one and have another one lined up to be recorded soon. I am still doing the original format, but I am hoping to start Geek Girls as a full fledged podcast with co-hosts soon. If anyone knows any ladies that want to participate in this project, have them send me an email ( ).

Lastly, and I am just throwing this out there, but I am a huge D&D / role playing geek and was thinking about doing reviews of the role playing nature.  I am hoping you all can sound off if you play and give me an idea if this would be well received. I should mention that the ZKS RPG is still in the works ;).

Ok, I am done teasing, so give me some feedback peeps!

Auf Wiedersehen!

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