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Saturday of New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2015 is officially in the books, and due to travel necessities, it will be my last day for this year. The first and most vehement thing I have to say about the day is, holy crap. I thought the crowds were massive yesterday, but they were even larger today. I haven’t seen crowds like that anywhere outside of San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). It was truly impressive. For the first time this weekend, there were panels outside of the main hall that had their lines capped hours before the panel actually took place. The halls were packed, people were costumed to the nines, and there was a generally frenetic energy filling the air. I’ve got pictures for you and a brief bit of coverage regarding the panels that I attended, but first let me say, any of you that enjoy the convention experience and have had a blast at SDCC or WonderCon, you really should give NYCC a shot at least once.

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Heavy Metal is developing Donny Cates and Dylan Burnett’s upcoming post-apocalyptic vampire comic “Interceptor” into a feature film says Heat Vision. Continue reading

Well, lads and lassies, day 2 of NYCC 2015 is all wrapped up. Since I managed to cover the entire exhibit hall yesterday, I was free to finally take a look at Artist Alley today. I have to say, I was impressed immediately by the sheer size of it. An entire pavillion within the convention center is given over to Artist Alley. I was shocked by the sheer number of creators that were present. I can say in all honesty that it is the largest Artist Alley that I have seen so far. Apart from that, the crowds today were even larger than yesterday, and the attendees really did start to break out the cosplay. I was fortunate enough to attend the panel for the upcoming Amazon series The Man in the High Castle and I will give you all a bit of a rundown on what that was like and what the series entails, but first, check out these pictures that didn’t make an appearance on the Forbidden Panel Instagram feed today.

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New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2015 kicked off today. Yes, I did make the long, long, long trip all the way to New York to take in this convention for the first time. I was surprised by a few things today. I was surprised by just how large the crowds were for a Thursday. It was the largest crowd on the opening day of a convention that I can recall seeing apart from San Diego. The other thing that was a bit of a shock to me was the difference between the number of people in costumes and those in street clothes. I don’t know why, but I expected to see far more cosplayers than I did today. Still, there were the odd few impressive costumes and at least a few cool toys or displays to check out. Not every vendor was set up today, so I know there will be even more to see come tomorrow. Check out pictures of the day below, and keep reading for quick wrap ups of the panels I attended.

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The director of “Audition” is set to bring Hiroaki Samura’s long-running manga about a cursed ronin to the big screen in 2017.

Japanese director Takashi Miike, known for such films as “Audition” and “Ichi the Killer,” is set to adapt Hiroaki Samura’s long-running manga “Blade of the Immortal.”

Published from 1993 to 2012, the supernatural manga follows the cursed samurai Manji, who must kill 1,000 evil men in order to regain his mortality. The story was adapted in 2008 as television anime series.

Popular Japanese singer and actor Takuya Kimura, nicknamed Kimutaku, will star as Manji in the live-action film, set for release in 2017. A member of the Japanese idol group SMAP, the 42-year-old Kimura appeared in 2010’s “Space Battleship Yamato,” and voiced Howl in “Howl’s Moving Castle.”

(Comic Natalie, via Crunchyroll)

Source: Takashi Miike to Adapt ‘Blade of the Immortal’ – Spinoff Online – TV, Film, and Entertainment News Daily

In this episode AJ and Anthony reach the peak of their nerdy geekyness and they discuss the announcements at the Google Nexus Event!

Also, hear AJ review Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.


DangerKatt announces NYCC exclusive print edition with enhanced Augmented Reality content


DangerKatt is happy to announce that a limited-­‐edition print run of BLOODWORTH will make its debut at New York Comic-­‐Con this October.  This exclusive publication has been limited to 50 copies, and writer Daniel Corey will be at Artist Alley table Z14 for the entire show, signing books and answering questions. Continue reading

Ahead of Batman Day, Mondo has announced it will release a vinyl box set featuring the remastered musical scores from sixteen of the most famous episodes of the classic 1990s “Batman: The Animated Series”. Continue reading

03-25-2009 12;44;22PMZoe Saldana has joined the cast of Anders Walter’s “I Kill Giants” for Treehouse Pictures and XYZ Films.

Based on Joe Kelly’s 2008 graphic novel, Saldana plays a school psychologist who is treating a misfit girl (Madison Wolfe) battling both real and imaginary monsters in her life, forming a bond with her in the process.

Kelly adapted the screenplay while Chris Columbus, Justin Nappi and Kim Magnusson are producing. Filming set to begin in early 2016.

Source: Variety

DC Comics has unveiled the second and third retail variant covers for “Dark Knight III: The Master Race” #1 by artists Jae Lee and Sean Murphy. The retailer-specific covers will have the logo of the participating comic shop offering the cover for sale.

The publisher previously revealed the first of its retailer variants, illustrated by Dave Johnson, for the highly anticipated sequel series.

All said, thirty retailers are participating in this program. In addition to the artwork, DC Comics has released the full list of stores and artists involved in the initiative. Continue reading

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