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TOYING AROUND: Exclusives, DC Bombshells & More! – Mezco shows off a Dark Knight Returns SDCC exclusive, DC announces a Bombshells comic book and a double dose of Iron Man from Hot Toys.

Click on the link below to check out more images for the upcoming exclusives.

Source: TOYING AROUND: Exclusives, DC Bombshells & More! – Comic Book Resources


DC Collectibles has revealed its Comic-Con International-exclusive pencil-deco BlueLine Edition Batman action figure, designed by Jim Lee. In a video that premiered this morning on USA Today, the DC Comics co-publisher unboxes the collectible, which will be available in two versions: the standard $40 package, which includes and exclusive print by Lee; and the $300 […]

Source: Jim Lee debuts SDCC-exclusive Batman BlueLine Edition figure – Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources


In this episode AJ sits down with Joey LaBartunek to talk about the Comixology release of his latest book, A Man Called Kraken.  Joey also spends sometime talking about his influences growing up as well as favorite comics and movies and love for all things Llama.

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Then Anthony and AJ review Mad Max Fury Road as well as Ex Machina!


FOX has confirmed that it has ordered both the Vertigo comics adaptation “Lucifer” and the TV sequel/continuation of Spielberg’s “Minority Report” to series. They’ve also unveiled the first photos from both which you can check out below:

“Lucifer” stars Tom Ellis in the title role of the bored and unhappy Lord of Hell who resigns his throne and abandons his kingdom for Los Angeles where he gets his kicks helping the LAPD punish criminals.

“Minority Report” is set ten years after the film in which one of the former Precogs teams with a shrewd police detective and attempt to stop the murders that he predicts.



From Dark Horizons


Check out the newest book from our friends over at Raging Sombrero.   Some of the best art and writing I have seen in a long time.

A Man Called Kraken Vol. 1

Fifty years after the ULTRA WARS wiped out all but the most resilient hypersapians, only the most powerful and resolute survived. Among those, only the most brutal and cunning would lay claim to a funereal world without sunshine or love, a world of demi-gods and Acheronian super-thugs. And among these, none were more tenacious, more dangersome, or more savage than a MAN CALLED KRAKEN! Half flesh and blood! Half god-thing! All man!

Join this vicious meta-hooligan as he wanders the broken back of a blasted world in search of the one fella who can set things right…the enigmatic Professor Whiz!

A thrilling digital-first experience that’s more than a web-comic…it’s pure visual dynamite guaranteed to blow your eye balls out the back of your head and send them bouncing around the room like little rubber balls filled with nitroglycerin, exploding everything they hit!
Enter a world where supernauts pummel each other for domination of the planet and none pummels harder than A MAN CALLED KRAKEN!

Only on Comixology!!!

Source: A Man Called Kraken Vol. 1 – Comics by comiXology



The Age Of Ultron Episode!!

In this episode AJ and Anthony discuss the pros and cons of the new Harley Quinn reveal from the upcoming film Suicide Squad.

The also discuss the good and bad parts of Avengers: Age Of Ultron while AJ talks about Free Comic Book Day.

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“THE DARK KNIGHT III: THE MASTER RACE”Completes Trilogy in Legendary “Dark Knight” Saga

DC Entertainment announced today that bestselling, iconic Batman writer and artist Frank Miller will write the epic conclusion of the celebrated THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS saga.

The “THE DARK KNIGHT III: THE MASTER RACE” is the sequel to Miller’s 1986 classic THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS – heralded by TIME Magazine as one of the 10 greatest graphic novels of all time – and its 2001-2002 follow-up series BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN. Continue reading


star wars celebrationWow! What an amazing four day experience. Adam and I had a great time exploring our first Star Wars Celebration, both together and separately. This recap will focus on Friday through Sunday as I previously posted on Thursday’s crazy events.

For myself I think that Friday was, by in far, my favorite of the four days. Why? Because I had the pleasure of sitting in on the panel ” A Date With A Princess”. This was Carrie Fisher’s panel, as a fan girl and true Star Wars nerd this was the highlight of my whole weekend. She did not give away any secrets about the upcoming movie, however, she did share stories of filming the originals.  Carrie is a funny, charismatic, and candid individual that truly loves her fans.  She proved this by signing autographs, taking pictures, and taking an interest in the fans questions.  An entertaining side note is that she had her dog on the stage with her and wherever she went he followed, even to meet the fans. Princess Leia on and off the screen continues to be an idol and inspiration to her fans. Continue reading

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