In this episode, join AJ and Anthony as they cover all of the latest news.

Then join them as they review Justice League Dark!!!!  As well as Resident Evil: The Final Chapter!!

All of this and more on Episode #169!!!

*This post is full of Star Wars spoilers for everything from Episode 1 thru The Force Awakens.

The time comes in every child’s life when they are officially initiated into the world of Star Wars. For some it’s as early as birth but for others, like in our family.. you must be ready to receive and ask for it of your own free will. Until then, the truth is shrouded in secrecy.

If you know anything about me, you know I am a fierce protector of storyline when it comes to any film or book series. Maintaining that secrecy for those who have not seen/read them yet is important to me, especially when it comes to my children and Star Wars. It becomes a secret much like Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy – something you keep safe until the time is right.

Some of you may remember the decision we made to hold off on allowing our children to see any of the Star Wars stories/cartoons or short films that gave away those secrets out of context. You may also remember last January when we unknowingly walked into a 20 minute show that gave away every secret of the entire series and I was LIIIIVVVVIIID because there was zero signage to warn people. You can read about that here if you want.

Well, we’ve moved forward and now is the time.

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Fans freaked out last year when Cartoon Network announced Genndy Tartakovsky’s cult-fave series would be coming back with an all-new fifth season. We haven’t known just when those episodes would start rolling out but the network just told everyone in its own inimitable style.

New Samurai Jack episodes will begin airing on March 11.

There’ve been promises of a moody, upscaled arc for the show’s return, which makes the wait for its signature blend of stylized action, samurai stoicness and scifi weirdness even harder.

Source: Samurai Jack Is Back on March 11

NBC and Sony Pictures TV are reportedly currently developing a series based on Image Comics’ “Witchblade” property according to THR with the project scoring a script commitment. Continue reading

Hello, I’m Will. I’m new here. Today I will be talking about one of my favorite comic books, Spirits of Vengeance #13. Not because it’s exceptionally good or popular, but because it left an impression on little 11 year old me. So considering it is one of a handful of issues I’ve kept from back then I think it’s pretty freaking awesome. I won’t be talking about the writer (Howard Mackie) or the artist (Adam Kubert). Not because they aren’t important (they’re both superbly talented individuals), but because I want to focus on this specific issue and my recollection of being the 11 year old boy that read it for the first time. Continue reading

Sony Pictures Animation has officially confirmed today that their upcoming animated “Spider-Man” movie will focus on fan-favorite character, Miles Morales!

Created by Brian Michael Bendis and artist Sara Pichelli, the character has some of the same powers as the original Spider-Man but is also capable of briefly turning invisible and even a venom sting that can paralyze his foes.

“21 Jump Street” and “The LEGO Movie” filmmakers Phil Lord and Chris Miller are set to write the script and produce the film which will be directed by Bob Persichetti (“The Little Prince”) and Peter Ramsey (“Rise of the Guardians”).

The animated “Spider-Man” film hits cinemas on December 21st 2018.

Source: Miles Morales IS The New Animated Spider-Man – Dark Horizons

In this episode AJ and Anthony get into some deep discussion regarding the latest news.

Also, the guys review Underworld: Blood Wars.

Constant Readers,

Before I begin, I feel I owe you guys an explanation for my absence. Real life has thrown a number of curveballs my way. I began my college career in August as a 40-year-old freshman. I learned that I hate Algebra and don’t quite see the point of it in day-to-day life. I do not care what ‘X’ is, nor do I wonder where he went. (He could be in Calcutta for all I care.) Needless to say, I dropped that class. I also took Freshman Composition, where I really excelled and finished with an ‘A’. This pleased me to no end. I am already registered for Spring and am mostly ready to go, waiting on a few supplies to arrive in my mailbox. Continue reading

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