OGPlanet Announces Comic-Styled, Team-Based Third-Person Shooter, GUNDOG

Growls, Guns and Grenades, This Shooter has Literally Gone to the Dogs

OGPlanet, a publisher of Free-to-Play, multiplayer, online games, today announcedthat GUNDOG, a team-based third person shooter with card collection elements, is the newest game to be added to the OGPlanet family of free-to-play games.
Published by OGPlanet and developed by Innoceed, GUNDOG

deploys newly recruited pups and strays into a World War-esque era that has gone to the dogs… quite literally! In a world populated by anthropomorphic canines, which blends tactical team-based shooting mechanics with collectable card game elements (cards that give you unique characters and skills), GUNDOG is a fun, yet strategic, third-person shooter unlike any other.
“We’re really excited to bring GUNDOG to our player community,” said OGPlanet CEO, Sangchul Park. “Between the distinctive art style, the intense team-based combat, and the addictive card-collection elements, we think players will love what GUNDOG has to offer.”

As the Animal World War rages on, two warring factions, the Union and the Empire, exchange growls and gunfire in a constant struggle. They are tired, but neither camp is ready to give up the fight. As the battle rages on, the rival packs are looking for some new recruits whose blast is bigger than their bark.

Choose a side and join the fight as the Union and the Empire battle it out across a variety of game modes and maps. Play as a Rifleman, Medic, Sniper, and more – and switch classes on the fly! Collect unique characters with game-changing skills, which are all rendered in a distinct cell-shaded-meets-comic-book art style.

GUNDOG Key Features:
  • 2 Rival Camps (Union & Empire),
  • 6 Different Playable Classes (with more in development)
  • Collectable Card System – Collect to unlock new playable characters, weapons, abilities, and more!
  • Over 50 Playable Characters (with more in development)
  • Customizable Characters & Load-outs
  • Unique Comic-influenced Art Style
  • Many Different Maps & Modes of Play
  • Engaging Tournaments & Leaderboards
  • Unique, Game-changing Skills
  • Free-to-Play, not Pay-to-Win

GUNDOG is a breed unlike any other; unleash the Dogs of War!

To participate in the April 4-8, Beta Test, and for additional information on GUNDOG, including in-game events, contests, giveaways, and giveaways, please visit the official GUNDOG site at www.gundoggame.com and “Like” the official GUNDOG Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/gundoggame.

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